TV Guide 365: Monday, November 16th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Monday, November 16th, 1964

7:30 90 BRISTOL COURT–Comedy (NBC)
Karen: Steve has to scrap his Friday night bowling plans–he promised to take Karen to the Father-Daughter Dance. Steve: Richard Denning. Karen: Debbie Watson. Barbara: Mary La Roche. Mimi: Gina Gillespie. Candy: Trudi Ames. Janis: Bernadette Withers.
Guest Cast
Mr. Francis …………… Bert Freed
Mr. Ludlow …………… Herbert Anderson
Bonnie …………… Annette Corman

Singer Bob Rydell joins panelists Kitty Carlisle, Peggy Cass and Tom Poston.

“Submarine Sunk Here.” The Seaview blunders into a mine field, where an explosion cripples the sub and sends it to the bottom of the sea. (60 min.)

8:00 90 BRISTOL COURT–Comedy (NBC)
Harris Against the World: Kate’s Aunt Cora hasn’t spoken to the Harrises since their wedding 17 years ago, but Alan thinks he can still patch things up. Alan: Jack Klugman. Kate: Patricia Barry. Billy: David Macklin. Dee Dee: Claire Wilcox. Cliff: Guy Raymond.
Guest Cast
Aunt Cora …………… Ruth Donnelly
Uncle Arthur …………… Vaughn Taylor
Barney Correl …………… Ross Elliot

Singer-actor Robert Goulet and the singing Shangrilas have a secret for panelists Bess Myerson, Henry Morgan, Betsy Palmer and Bill Cullen. (Live)

8:30 90 BRISTOL COURT–Comedy (NBC)
Tom, Dick and Mary: Tom and Mary are celebrating an important anniversary–and three’s a crowd. Mary: Joyce Bulifant. Dick: Steve Franken. Tom: Don Galloway. Horace: J. Edward McKinley.

Opie’s overwhelmed when he stumbles onto a change purse containing $50, and Andy tells him he can keep the money if no one claims it within a week.

“The Farmer in the Deal.” The Air Force wants to buy Grandpa Anderson’s land, but Grandpa is asking way too much money. Will: Sammy Jackson. Grandpa Anderson: Andy Clyde. Milly: Laurie Sibbald. King: Harry Hickox.

Lucy’s determined to join Jerry on a father-and-son camping trip, so the men decide to dampen her enthusiasm by treating her just like “one of the boys.”

[COLOR] It’s an all-song evening for Andy and his guests, actress Shirley Booth and singers Johnny Mathis and Morgana King. Shirley does numbers from “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” and “By the Beautiful Sea,” Broadway musicals she has appeared in. Good Time singers, Nick Castle dancers, Dave Grusin orchestra. (60 min.)

An old flame of Danny’s is due in town with her burly brother, so in self-defense Danny asks Wendy to be his “bride.” Landlord: George Burns. Wendy: Connie Stevens. Danny: James Callahan. Jeff: Ron Harper. Bundy: J. Pat O’Malley. Edna: Bonnie Rogers. Tom: Med Flory.

Harry is a nervous wreck, and Walter discovers why when he baby-sits with Harry’s eight mischievous kids. Walter: John McGiver. Harry: Richard Price. Sharp: Russell Collins.
Guest Cast
Harry Price Jr. …………… Rickey Allen
Barbara Price …………… Mary Ann Durkin
Willis Price …………… Michael Durkin
Shirley Price …………… Cindy Eilbacher

“The Importance of Bea ‘n’ Willie.” Willie is smitten with the daughter of the local lumberman, but Willie’s so shy that the Collinses feel obliged to do some coaching from the sidelines.
Guest Cast
Bea Latham …………… Elisabeth Fraser
Fred Latham …………… William Zuckert

“Lonely Place.” In spite of his wife Stella’s intuitive misgivings, a farmer hires a transient to help with the crop–and Stella’s dislike grows into fear. (60 min.)

“Question–What Is a Genius Worth This Week?” Because he insists on accepting researching projects instead of manufacturing contracts, scientist Robert Harrison’s plant faces a shutdown and Williamton faces the loss of its only industry. The town fathers ask Slattery to get rid of Harrison. Script by Jack Raphael Guss. Slattery: Richard Crenna. B. J.: Maxine Stuart. Metcaff: Tol Avery. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
Dr. Robert Harrison …………… Paul Burke
Rep. Ed Mahoney …………… Arch Johnson
Julius Wald …………… Cyril Delevanti

“Money, a Horse and a Knowledge of Latin.” Dr. Hoffman feels honored to operate with the highly regarded Dr. Arnold Swanson, but Hoffman’s attitude after the operation borders on disgust. Script by Oliver Crawford. (60 min.)


TV Guide, November 14, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 46, Issue #607) [Western New England Edition] *Read my review of this issue*

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