TV Guide 365: Monday, October 12th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Monday, October 12th, 1964

7:30 90 BRISTOL COURT–Comedy (NBC)
Karen: Against her father’s wishes, Karen takes up surfing and starts dating surfer Hoot Dubbins, a real swinger. Steve: Richard Denning. Karen: Debbie Watson. Barbara: Mary LaRoche. Hoot: Yale Summers. Jan: Bernadette Withers.

Comic Marty Ingels joins Kitty Carlisle, Tom Poston and Peggy Cass on the panel.

“The Price of Doom.” In Antarctic waters for research, Nelson hears a mysterious signal that’s apparently coming from within the Seaview. He suspects that one of his three passengers is keeping someone posted on the sub’s position. (60 min.)

8:00 90 BRISTOL COURT–Comedy (NBC)
Harris Against the World: The Harrises plan to make bachelor Gregg Albright, Kate’s handsome, scccessful [sic] college beau, wish he were the happily married family man Alan Harris is. Alan: Jack Klugman. Kate: Patricia Barry. Billy: David Macklin. Cliff: Guy Raymond. Dee Dee: Claire Wilcox. Gregg: Elliot Reed.

Carol Channing has a secret for Betsy Palmer, Henry Morgan, Bess Myerson, and Bill Cullen. Host: Steve Allen. (Live)

8:30 90 BRISTOL COURT–Comedy (NBC)
Tom, Dick and Mary: Mary is sure she can succeed where Cupid has failed–she’s going to find the right girl for Dr. Dick Moran. Dick: Steve Franken. Mary: Joyce Bulifant. Tom: Don Galloway.

Hillbilly Ernest T. Bass wants an education, so Andy persuades Helen to take him into her fifth-grade class.

Will and fellow recruit Jack Langdon are hypnotized into thinking they’re high-ranking officers in World War II–and they take off in a plane with intentions of bombing Germany. Will: Sammy Jackson. King: Harry Hickox. Langdon: Michael McDonald. Major Richards: Alan Hewitt.

Lucy’s old flame Vinnie Meyers pinch-hits for Mooney at the bank, and she tries to soft-soap him into giving her an advance on her allowance.

[COLOR] Guests are comedian Phil Harris, pianist Liberace and Brazilian composer and bossa nova exponent Antonio Carlos Jobim. In a sketch, Liberace invites Andy and Phil to his opulent pad for a bit of pool. Good Time singers, Nick Castle dancers. Dave Grusin conducts the orchestra. (60 min.)

When Jeff’s assigned to pilot a plane to Rome, Wendy dons a black wig and goes along as the stewardess–unknown to Jeff. Landlord: George Burns. Wendy: Connie Stevens. Jeff: Ron Harper. Danny: James Calahan. Bundy: J. Pat O’Malley. Joanne: Mary Jane Saunders.

Normally sour Sharp stuns Burnley with a sudden burst of friendliness and an invitation to spend the weekend on his boat. But there’s a reason: Sharp’s unmarried sister is in town. Burnley: John McGiver. Sharp: Russell Collins. Bob: Mark Goddard. Lorraine: Joan Tompkins.

“Hoop Shots.” Joyce disrupts the family’s tranquility by getting engaged to a lanky basketball player with a chronic case of the shakes. The gang sings “Sally, Let Your Bangs Hang Down” and “Skillet Good and Greasy.” Ellie: Beverly Garland. Joyce: Diane Sherry. Willie: Frank McHugh. Janice: Diane Sherry. Wallace: Jimmy Boyd. Paul: Jay Sheffield.

“Change of Address.” Keith Hollins and wife move into a house by the sea–a house that he’s determined to live in even though it gives his wife the creeps. Written and produced by Morton Fine and David Friedkin. (60 min.)

“Question–What Ever Happened to Ezra?” Carsonville is a unique state institution for the aged that’s about to be shut down, but not if 86-year-old Ezra Tallicott has anything to say about it. He’s bicycling to the state capitol to get Slattery on his side. Slattery: Richard Crenna. B.J.: Maxine Stuart. Radcliff: Edward Asner. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
Ezra Tallicott …………… Ed Wynn
Dr. Robert Kelly …………………. Richard Kiley
Pat Allison …………………. Joan Blackman

“You Fish or You Cut Bait.” Jane Hancock’s increasing influence on Casey and Dr. Rogers begins to create professional as well as personal problems for both of them. Script by Norman Katkov. (60 min.)

[SPECIAL] Scheduled: finals in the men’s 100-meter freestyle, women’s 200-meter and women’s springboard diving. This week’s coverage is listed in the Olympic Guide, page A-4.
For the next two weeks, Johnny Carson will be seen 11:30 P.M.- 1 A.M.


TV Guide, October 10, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 41, Issue #602) [Western New England Edition]

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2 Replies to “TV Guide 365: Monday, October 12th, 1964”

  1. Sheriff Andy — bad idea to put Ernest T. Bass into a 5th grade classroom. If I recall correctly, he’s an expert rock thrower, and you don’t want to set a bad example for his classmates.

    1. It seems that scheduling “No Time for Sergeants” against “The Andy Griffith Show” was not ABC’s smartest move. I would think they would have appealed to the same demographic.

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