TV Guide 365: Thursday, November 26th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Thursday, November 26th, 1964

7:30 MUNSTERS–Comedy (CBS)
“Autumn Croakus.” Grandpa applies to a matrimonial agency for a compatible spouse, and the agency comes up with just the match.

[SPECIAL] [COLOR] Dean Martin, singer Eydie Gorme and jazzman Al Hirt are the stars of this musical special. For details, see opposite page. (60 min.)
“Daniel Boone” is pre-empted.


[SPECIAL] [COLOR] Dean Martin, Eydie Gorme and Al Hirt headline this holiday songfest, backed by a 17-voice choral group. The favorite songs were selected in a Reader’s Digest poll.

[COLOR] There’s no love lost between Fred and Loudrock, his new neighbor, but it’s a different story with their dogs.

“The Case of the Reckless Rockhound.” Reba Burgess, the widow of a mining-company executive, keeps a shoebox full of uncut diamonds in her bank safety-deposit box. They seem safe enough until a man from Reba’s past shows up with a document signed by her husband that gives him half her wealth. (60 min.)

“Surprise! Surprise!” Alex and Dave are working on a surprise birthday party for Midge, but the girls manage to keep stop steps ahead on all their plans.

8:30 DR. KILDARE–Drama (NBC)
“Rome Will Never Leave You,” conclusion. With their visit to the Eternal city approaching an end, both Kildare and Gillespie search for answers to their respective romantic dilemmas. (60 min.)

Dinner at the Lotus Blossom Restaurant is a pleasant diversion for Steve, especially after he meets lovely Mei Ling, the proprietress.

9:00 PASSWORD–Game (CBS)
Singer Rosemary Clooney and comedian Alan King test their word skills. Allen Ludden is the host.

Samantha’s not one bit bothered that Darrin has to select a beauty-contest winner, but Endora’s faith in her son-in-law leaves a great deal to be desired.

9:30 HAZEL (NBC)
[COLOR] “A Lesson in Diplomacy.” Hazel has trouble controlling her temper at a particularly bad time–the Baxters are entertaining foreign dignitaries.

Sam will do almost anything to keep Jim away from Barbara Wyntoon–even conspire with the enemy. Sam: Paul Ford. Wyntoon: John Dehner. Buck: Sterling Holloway. Langley: Howard Freeman. Jim: Les Brown Jr. Barbara: Judy Carne. Ed: Vince Carroll.

Rodney faces the stark truth.

10:00 DEFENDERS–Drama (CBS)
“Comeback.” A once famous actress making her comeback is accused of drunken driving and hit-and-run. Preston, one of her old fans, defends her. Script by Edward DeBlasio.

[COLOR] “Graffiti.” Gestapo agents pick up French Resistance leader Bertine, but fail to recognize the value of their catch. Because Bertine must be silenced before the Nazis realize who he is, his followers arrange for a young assassin to be arrested and placed in his cell. Script by Richard L. Adams. (60 min.)

Jimmy and Rowlf the Muppet welcome comedian Norman Crosby, singer Johnny Cash, pianist Floyd Cramer and songstress Molly Be. Doerr-Hutchinson dancers, Chuck Cassey singers, Peter Matz orchestra. (60 min.)


TV Guide, November 21, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 47, Issue #608) [Western New England Edition] *Read my review of this issue*

2 Replies to “TV Guide 365: Thursday, November 26th, 1964”

  1. As NBC always aired HAZEL on Thursday night for the 4 seasons that it carried the show, the Thanksgiving night broadcast was set on Thanksgiving Day all 4 times. This season a Soviet diplomat, set up by a local politician, barged in on the Baxters Thanksgiving Day to see how they would handle a tough situation. They, including Hazel, handled the diplomat just fine.

  2. If I was old enough back then I think I would have watched that”Your favorite songs” special with Dean Martin and Eydie Gorme. That sounds interesting. Would even have skipped The Munsters and The Flinstones to see it! Curious about which songs got picked

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