Audio Vault: WISH-TV The Big News Final (9/25/1972)

Here’s a rare audio recording: the bulk of a September 1972 installment of Indianapolis TV station WISH-TV’s The Big News Final newscast.

WISH-TV (Channel 8) in Indianapolis, Indiana was a CBS affiliate in 1972. I haven’t been able to find much information about the station’s local newscasts but I think its evening newscast was called The Big News and its late-night newscast was called The Big News Final.

I believe Mike Ahern is one of the anchors of this installment of The Big News Final, which I think aired from 11-11:30PM ET on Monday, September 25th, 1972. Also featured are WISH-TV reporters Sid Thompson and Frank Phillippi as well as CBS News reporter Bruce Hall.

Here’s a list of the news stories in the recording:

  • Indianapolis Public School Students Transferred to New Schools
  • Secretary of State Rogers Addresses the United Nations General Assembly on Hijacking
  • House Committee Bill Banning Unauthorized Trips to Countries at Armed Conflict with the U.S.
  • President Nixon to Limit Federal Spending
  • Congressman John Moss Comments on Sacramento Sabre Jet Crash
  • Gasoline Tank Explosion in Chattanooga
  • President Nixon Speaks About the International Monetary Fund
  • Senator McGovern Claims Nixon Administration Does Favors for Contributors
  • Report on Indiana Medicaid Audit
  • Marion County Unigov Approves Economic Development Commission
  • House Approves Five Year Russian-American Nuclear Freeze
  • Teenage Mother Accused of Trading Baby for a Car
  • Mayor of New Orleans Gives Newsmen Certificates of Appreciation
  • Stock Market Drops
  • Controversy Over Georgetown University Anatomy Textbook with Pictures of Nude Women

The recording runs a little under 14 minutes and is likely incomplete. Both the opening and closing are included but the commercial breaks have been edited out.

Is this an otherwise lost television program? I don’t know for sure but there’s a chance this audio is all that survives of this particular newscast. I tried to contact WISH-TV, which is currently affiliated with The CW, but never heard back.

About This Recording

Source: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Date: Monday, September 25th, 1972
Network: CBS
Station: WISH-TV (Channel 8, Indianapolis)

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2 Replies to “Audio Vault: WISH-TV The Big News Final (9/25/1972)”

  1. Mike Ahern was the news anchor. He held that post for decades. The weather guy at the start of the recording was Stan Wood. He was also there for years. I’m not sure about the sports anchor. I grew up in the Indianapolis TV market.

  2. Sid Thompson was my Grandpa. Do you have any other clips with him in them? Would love to get ahold of any broadcasts that he was on!

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