Audio Vault: WISH-TV The Big News Final (9/25/1972)

Here’s a rare audio recording: the bulk of a September 1972 installment of Indianapolis TV station WISH-TV’s The Big News Final newscast.

WISH-TV (Channel 8) in Indianapolis, Indiana was a CBS affiliate in 1972. I haven’t been able to find much information about thee station’s local newscasts but I think its evening newscast was called The Big News and its late-night newscast was called The Big News Final.

I believe Mike Ahern is one of the anchors of this installment of The Big News Final, which I think aired from 11-11:30PM ET on Monday, September 25th, 1972. Also featured are WISH-TV reporters Sid Thompson and Frank Phillippi as well as CBS News reporter Bruce Hall.

Here’s a list of the news stories in the recording:

  • Indianapolis Public School Students Transferred to New Schools
  • Secretary of State Rogers Addresses the United Nations General Assembly on Hijacking
  • House Committee Bill Banning Unauthorized Trips to Countries at Armed Conflict with the U.S.
  • President Nixon to Limit Federal Spending
  • Congressman John Moss Comments on Sacramento Sabre Jet Crash
  • Gasoline Tank Explosion in Chattanooga
  • President Nixon Speaks About the International Monetary Fund
  • Senator McGovern Claims Nixon Administration Does Favors for Contributors
  • Report on Indiana Medicaid Audit
  • Marion County Unigov Approves Economic Development Commission
  • House Approves Five Year Russian-American Nuclear Freeze
  • Teenage Mother Accused of Trading Baby for a Car
  • Mayor of New Orleans Gives Newsmen Certificates of Appreciation
  • Stock Market Drops
  • Controversy Over Georgetown University Anatomy Textbook with Pictures of Nude Women

The recording runs a little under 14 minutes and is likely incomplete. Both the opening and closing are included but the commercial breaks have been edited out.

Is this an otherwise lost television program? I don’t know for sure but there’s a chance this audio is all that survives of this particular newscast. I tried to contact WISH-TV, which is currently affiliated with The CW, but never heard back.

About This Recording

Source: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Date: Monday, September 25th, 1972
Network: CBS
Station: WISH-TV (Channel 8, Indianapolis)

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