Watch Unidentified Television Footage from a 1970 8mm Home Movie

Back in 2016 I wrote about the possibility that 8mm home movies might include footage of otherwise lost TV shows. I shared some stills from one of my family’s 8mm home movies that includes some unidentified TV footage.

I’ve now uploaded the footage in question to YouTube:

I doubt anyone will recognize the very brief snippet of three people having a conversation and the nuclear explosion could be from a movie, a documentary, a commercial, or something else. Nevertheless, I think this is a useful example of what other 8mm home movies may contain.

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2 Replies to “Watch Unidentified Television Footage from a 1970 8mm Home Movie”

  1. Looks like a sitcom that took a sudden dark turn. Seriously, though, if the 1970 date is accurate the fact the guy in the obviously fake-looking uniform has a rather prominent mustache … my gut is telling me it’s Laugh-In (with the nuke being from something else), some skit featuring Dan Rowan in uniform and maybe Dick Martin in the loud suit. The guess on Youtube of it being Dick Van Dyke Show is unlikely – they didn’t wear loud suits like that at the time. Too bad we can’t clearly see the faces.

  2. The jacket looks like something Milton Berle would wear. I’m guessing it’s a sketch comedy show but it could just as easily be something like The Tonight Show. The sketch would be one where they do something that causes the explosion, which looks like stock footage of Nevada nuclear experiments. Although I have a feeling I saw that sketch somewhere.

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