Propstore Auction Includes Items from The Twilight Zone and Unsold Dick Tracy Pilot

An upcoming Propstore Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction includes several very interesting items. The auction starts tomorrow (June 28) at 8AM PDT and ends this Friday (June 30). There are more than 1400 items up for auction, ranging from a Batpod from The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises to Estelle Getty’s driver’s license and SAG card.

One of the more interesting items is a male nurse’s makeup appliance from the memorable “Eye of the Beholder” episode of The Twilight Zone, originally broadcast in November 1960. According to the auction listing the makeup appliance was created by William Tuttle and was applied by makeup artist Grant Keate, whose family later consigned it to auction. The makeup appliance was previously included in >a 2022 Propstore auction but went unsold.

Also included in the auction is a facial prosthetic and plaster head cast of Lon Chaney Jr. as Pruneface from William Dozier’s unsold Dick Tracy pilot episode. Technically, this isn’t from the pilot episode itself because Pruneface doesn’t appear in the pilot. Apparently, Dozier approved a makeup test for at least one potential bad guy and Lon Chaney Jr. became Pruneface. You can see find a picture of the facial prosthetic being applied at the Dick Tracy Wiki.

Other noteworthy items:

Do any of these items strike your fancy? Would you bid on any of them if you had the money?

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