Status of Kraft Television Theatre, Season 4

Kraft Television Theatre broadcast some 585 episodes on NBC between May 1947 and October 1958. The series ran year-round with no summer breaks, meaning it didn’t have traditional seasons. I’ve aligned this status guide with episode lists and guides available online, like those found at, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), and the Classic TV Archive (CTVA).

Season 4 of Kraft Television Theatre premiered on September 1950 and ended in September 1951. There were no pre-emptions this season. NBC broadcast 50 episodes, of which 12 are known to exist in their entirety. The Library of Congress has 12 episodes in its collection, one of which can also be found at the Paley Center for Media. The January 10th, 1951 episode (“Kelly”) was originally staged on January 25th, 1950 during Season 3. The Library of Congress, the Museum of Broadcast Communications and the UCLA Film & Television Archive all have copies of the 1951 version. No copies of the 1950 version are known to exist.

Keep in mind that just because the big TV archives/museums only have certain episodes doesn’t mean there aren’t additional episodes of Kraft Television Theatre from the 1950-1951 season out there somewhere.

Season 4: 1950-1951
# Episode Title Airdate Status
177 “The Green Pack” 09/27/1950  
178 “I Like It Here” 10/04/1950  
179 “The Great Broxopp” 10/11/1950  
180 “Old Lady Robbins” 10/18/1950 LOC
181 “Truant in Park Lane” 10/25/1950  
182 “Dolphin’s Reach” 11/01/1950  
183 “Sixteen” 11/08/1950  
184 “The Romantic Age” 11/15/1950  
185 “The Romantic Young Lady” 11/22/1950  
186 “Windows” 11/29/1950 LOC
187 “Short Story” 12/06/1950  
188 “Michael and Mary” 12/13/1950  
189 “The Village Green” 12/13/1950  
190 “Rip Van Winkle” 12/27/1950 LOC
191 “Paper Moon” 01/03/1951 LOC
192 “Kelly” 01/10/1951 LOC/UCLA/MBC
193 “Best Years” 01/17/1951 LOC
194 “The Spring Green” 01/24/1951  
195 “The Sound of Hunting” 01/31/1951  
196 “The Glass Mountain 02/07/1951  
197 “Engaged” 02/14/1951  
198 “The Fortune Hunter” 02/21/1951 LOC/Paley
199 “Jane Eyre” 02/28/1951  
200 “Delicate Story” 03/07/1951  
201 “On Stage” 03/14/1951 LOC
202 “Of Famous Memory” [Excerpts] 03/21/1951  
203 “The Silent Room” 03/28/1951  
204 “Yours Truly” 04/04/1951  
205 “Mrs. Dane’s Defense” 04/11/1951 LOC
206 “Mr. Mergenthwirker’s Lobblies” 04/18/1951  
207 “Brief Music” 04/25/1951  
208 “Brief Candle” 05/02/1951  
209 “Till Death Do Us Part” 05/09/1951  
210 “The Intimate Strangers” 05/16/1951  
211 “A Play for Mary” 05/23/1951  
212 “Ben Franklin” 05/30/1951  
213 “A Seacoast in Behemia” 06/06/1951 LOC
214 “Stranglehold” 06/13/1951  
215 “Only the Heart” 06/20/1951 LOC
216 “Merry Madness” 06/27/1951  
217 “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” 07/04/1951  
218 “Vienna Dateline” 07/11/1951  
219 “Zone Four” 07/18/1951 LoC
220 “Bright Shadow” 07/25/1951  
221 “Kilda McKay” 08/01/1951  
222 “Old Doc” 08/08/1951  
223 “John Wilkes Booth” 08/15/1951  
224 “Pigs” 08/22/1951  
225 “Ashes in the Wind” 08/29/1951  
226 “The Easy Mark” 09/05/1951  

Revised April 10th, 2019

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2 Replies to “Status of Kraft Television Theatre, Season 4”

  1. Firstly, thank you for all of your work and this information.

    Secondly, I was born in Manhattan in mid-1954 and knew, from a very early age, that my parents had had involvement in early live television, beginning in Chicago around 1950 and then, in NYC. I heard the names ‘Kraft Television’, ‘Lux Video’ and other programs mentioned a number of times, as well as hearing my parents (mostly mom) discuss some of the later big-time stars having done the shows she had worked on. I heard the J Walter Thompson Advertising Agency mentioned more than a few times, too – although most of all of these references were made before I was fully able to appreciate them, and both parents are long gone, now. Mom was prone to exaggeration & (only) sometimes get caught out… however, after she died, I inherited virtually all of her fairly vast amount of never-thrown-out paperwork, and amongst it all, I found a few very telling things: One was a letter of recommendation from Stanley Quinn attesting to her work as his assistant. The other was her copy of two Season 4 scripts: ‘The Great Broxopp’ and ‘Ashes in the Wind – complete with her annotations – plus correspondence which showed that she had reserved rehearsal space for episodes, did rehearsal and costuming session scheduling, and she timed the (live) show – which she had spoken about to me. When i found these things, I was very rapidly winnowing down those inherited items during the 58 days between my retirement (in 2014) and my departure for a new life in South America – because I left with only a large carry-on backpack for that new life. A colleague agreed to keep / store the items which I said held historical value: She may still have them…

    My reason for writing is that I spent much of my life realizing that both of my parents’ greatest work and contribution to that famous live era of NYC television occurred before my birth and so little of it remains. I cannot seem to prove much of what they did, although I have seen evidence [I have a photograph of my dad (Alan Paul Rhone) addressing Helen Hayes and George Abbott, backstage, during the period of the November 1953 Lighthouse Telethon for the Blind, and someone whom I didn’t even know provided a photo of the actual page of the TV Guide program for that event, which helped give me more context than I’d known]. Other than all of these things, I have never seen evidence of their involvement. I know ‘kinnies’ were both made and lost (even mom spoke about that). IMdB somehow manages to avoid any mention of crew names or titles other than episode producers, so I cannot even place my mom assisting Quinn that way.

    I wonder if you might happen to have anything which could assist me?

    I’m 69, now, and live in Vancouver, Canada.

    Thank you soooo much,
    R Paul Kerston

    1. R Paul Kerston, all of IMdB content comes from its readers, so the only way crew names would be listed is if one of the readers adds them. I would suggest you try to contact the colleague you left documents with, and see if the person still has anything.

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