Coronet Blue Coming to DVD [Updated]

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May 13th, 2017 Update: reports the release date has been pushed back to July 18th.

April 23rd, 2017 Update: According to, Kino Lorber will release Coronet Blue on DVD on June 20th.

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Yes, you read that right. Coronet Blue, an obscure CBS drama from 1967, is coming to DVD. Frank Converse starred as an amnesiac searching for his identity. The only thing he can remember is the phrase “coronet blue” but he doesn’t know what it means. Taking the name Michael Alden, the man embarks on a journey filled with danger and intrigue. The show has a small cult following.

Kino Lorber will release Coronet Blue and made the official announcement on Facebook and Twitter earlier this week. No release date yet but we do know the DVD set will include at least one special feature: a new interview with creator Larry Cohen.

The series took a torturous route to television. First announced in January 1965, it didn’t debut until May 1967. Once it finally decided to air the series, CBS did it no favors by pre-empting it several times. The network broadcast 11 of the 13 produced episodes.

Here’s Kino Lorber’s original Twitter announcement:

You can find my in-depth article about Coronet Blue here.


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11 Replies to “Coronet Blue Coming to DVD [Updated]”

  1. Do you know if the 2 lost episodes will be included? I don’t think they were seen when TV Land ran the show in the late ’90’s.

    1. All 13 episodes, including the two CBS never aired, will be included. They aren’t lost, just unaired during the show’s original network run.

  2. quite an influential move strategically/…. since you- tube got pirated stuff for C_BLUE — 9 years ago// and promptly removed–THRE WERE A HOST OF BEHIND THE SCENES MANEUVERS with its original production committee** —>when Jon Voight gets the intelligence to have his bio./ autobiography written// and tell the truth// Frank Converse’s career will also be explained in full/ …the original production of MIDNITE COWBOY was embroiled with Converse’s agents… and a fellow st Lousian JAMES FRANCISCUS as YOUNG BLOOD HAWK went into movie production .** sadly; he never got his television experiences documented with the ARCHIVES of AMERICAN TELEVISION on you tube——>more later

  3. I remember watching it when it was originally aired. CBS was just burning it off during the summer, but it became a big hit. They wanted to continue the series, but Frank Converse was already committed to NYPD, which was aired on ABC that fall (and, ironically, was canceled after one season).

  4. Is it true that in one of his final acts before being fired as head of programming for CBS-TV in 1965 that Jim Aubrey decided to cancel the show before it premiered (although it had been scheduled for the Fall season), even though thirteen shows had already been filmed??

    Even if “NYPD” had been a hit, the producers of “Coronet Blue” COULD have shot a final two-hour TV-movie during the former show’s hiatus in which the “loose ends” of the show could have been tied-up.

    1. And of course, it will come out to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the show actually being broadcast.

      Also, the theme music (which had been recorded by rock ‘n roll singer Lenny Welch) was released as a single around the time the show finally premiered on television, but while the song did get a little airplay on Top-40 radio stations, the record didn’t become a hit.

      Both the song and the show deserved a better fate.

      1. BTW, I should have asked if Frank Converse has any involvement in the DVD, He’s still alive and still performing.

    2. I thought it was one of the acts done to clear out what Aubrey left behind (another show scheduled but dropped was the Polly Bergen vehicle SELENA MEAD, discussed at this page). Besides, the show was announced in January and Aubrey fired the following month. How could they make 13 hour long shows in that short a time?

  5. They’ve already gone through most of the well known TV shows from the past for DVD release so they’re now getting into many of the rarer shows.

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