What Do You Want to See at Television Obscurities?

When I relaunched Television Obscurities with WordPress on November 24th, I knew that I wanted to at least try to publish something on a daily basis. But I didn’t know what I would be discussing. I hadn’t mapped out specific topics. I knew I would be adding new videos to the Video Vault and talking about lost television in TV’s Lost and Found. Plus, I wanted to be able to dig into my collection and present artifacts from television’s past. And I’ve done that.

But I’m floundering a little at the moment. I’m not sure what sort of things people would be interested in reading about. Obviously, I’m still going to be writing articles and putting together exhibits. There are so many other topics I could discuss. I’ve thought about taking e-mails I’ve been sent asking questions about obscure shows and answering them here for everyone to read (after first answering them personally, of course). And I’ve considered writing about the countless obscure television shows that I don’t have the material to turn into complete articles.

Then there’s always historical Nielsen ratings, which are a lot of fun to analyze. Not to mention lots of additional information on obscure shows that I have written articles about. Things I couldn’t fit in an article like additional contemporary reviews. Or I could review specific episodes of obscure shows in-depth, both shows I have in my collection and shows that have been released on DVD but are mostly under the radar. There’s so much I could write about that I don’t know where to start.

So, please, let me know what you’d be interested in reading about. Make suggestions. Throw out ideas. Use the comment section and go to town. It can’t hurt to ask.

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