MPI to Release The Mothers-in-Law on DVD

A lot of people have expressed interest in seeing The Mothers-in-Law and now thanks to MPI Home Video later this year they’ll be able to watch on DVD. According to, all 56 episodes (spread over two seasons) will be released on DVD before the end of 2009 along with bonus material.

The Mothers-in-Law was produced by Desi Arnaz and starred Eve Arden and Kaye Ballard as Eve Hubbard and Kaye Buell, a pair of meddlesome mothers-in-law whose children have married. Roger C. Carmel co-starred as Roger, Kaye’s husband, and Jerry Fogel as their son, Jerry, who was married to Suzie (played by Deborah Walley). Suzie was the daughter of Eve and Herb Hubbard (played by Herbert Rudley). Note the pattern of the characters sharing the name of the actors/actresses playing them.

The series premiered in September of 1967 NBC. During the second season, Richard Deacon took over the role of Roger Buell. Low ratings brought The Mothers-in-Law to a close in 1969. But now, forty years later, it’ll be available commercially for the first time.

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  1. I can’t wait to own all 56 episodes of the Mothers-in-Law. I hope they do a great job remastering and they look new again:-)

  2. Yes, it is very exciting. I am hoping the same thing and I cannot wait so see what the extras are. I have most episodes on VHS in so-so quality and I am looking forward to better copies.

  3. I too am hoping the MIL DVD’s look brand name and are in great shape. I will be purchasing all 56 episodes once they’re available:-)

  4. United Artists orignally distributed “THE MOTHERS-IN-LAW”; then the rights were acquired in the ’80s by The Samuel Goldwyn Company, which is now owned by SONY (who also owns the United Artists TV library, sans “GILLIGAN’S ISLAND”). I believe Desi’s estate owns the complete rights to the series, and MPI got the “home video” distribution rights from them [which means you won’t be seeing the UA logo at the end of each episode]. No matter, I look forward to seeing both volumes in my favorite video facililty soon!

  5. “The Doris Day Show” and “Family Affair” DVD releases, both put out by MPI in the last few years, were taken from very good prints, but overall the picture quality had a “soft” look to it that the shows didn’t have when they originally aired, or were shown in syndication. I hope “The Mothers-In-Law” DVD episodes have sharper picture resolution than the two previous releases, and that none of them will have been edited in any way (United Artists logo missing at the end, music substitutions, etc.)

  6. It’s been reported that the ‘Mothers-in-Law’ set will be “loaded” with bonus material…..Wouldn’t it be fantastic if it included the menu option to watch the episodes with all the original commercials included, as well as the NBC peacock at the beginning?

  7. I have long awaited for this and I can’t wait to see what the “extras” are….interviews with Kaye Ballard and Jerry Fogel possibly? outtakes? I’m also hoping and praying they don’t cut the episode or change the music where the Seeds sing “Pushin’ Too Hard.” The cast also sings “Some Enchanted Evening” in the same episode.

  8. I understand some of the bonus material consists of unsold pilots Desi Arnaz produced between 1966 and 1968, including “THE CAROL CHANNING SHOW” (for General Foods and CBS) and “LAND’S END”, a contemporary Western created for Rory Calhoun….and some “integrated commercials” the “MOTHERS-IN-LAW” cast appeared in for sponsor Procter & Gamble that were seen at the end of the episodes.

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