A Man Called Shenandoah Coming to DVD May 8

One season wonder A Man Called Shenandoah is coming to DVD on May 8th from Warner Archive. The hour-long half-hour Western starred Robert Horton and ran for 34 episodes on ABC during the 1965-1966 season. Here’s the official description:

Robert Horton stars as a gunfighter in search of his identity across the wilds of the Old West in this seldom-seen sixties Western classic. A stranger is shot and left to die from exposure to the elements. Half dead, he is brought to a small town by a pair of cowboys who hope there may be a reward for his capture. A worldly woman, Kate (Beverly Garland), nurses the man back to health. When he recovers consciousness, the man has no idea who he is or where he came from. Newly christened Shenandoah by Kate, he is forced into a gunfight, killing the one man who might have told him who he is. Forced to bid goodbye to Kate, he sets out on the long, lonely trail to discover his own identity. Notable guests Shenandoah encounters while searching for clues to his past include DeForest Kelley, Edward Asner, Bruce Dern, Cloris Leachman, Warren Oates, George Kennedy, Leonard Nimoy, Martin Landau and Frank Gorshin.

WBShop.com is currently accepting pre-orders. The set has yet to show up at Amazon.com.

Diginet getTV has been airing A Man Called Shenandoah since 2015. The series was previously available through Warner Archive’s soon-to-shutter streaming service.

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  1. One small error in your post — A Man Called Shenandoah is a half – hour show, and not hour long.

    Several years ago I obtained a two-episode VHS tape of the show and consider it to be a high-quality western drama. Sigh — it’s a shame I can’t afford to purchase the entire series.

  2. I hope they will do a section about how to build ABC’s 1965-66 lineup.

    The Monday lineup that No Time for Sergeants got renewed, but on Friday The Legend of Jesse James aired at 8:30, preceding The Addams Family which moved to 8:00.

  3. One thing I’m wondering: Was this show in color or B&W? ABC did have color shows in 1965, but they expected the producers to eat the higher production costs! As a result, most color series were limited to 30 episodes. Since AMCS had 34 episodes, that would seem to suggest B&W.

  4. I wonder why SHENANDOAH wasn’t renewed. It was the second highest rated cancellation of the 1965-66 season (BRANDED was 32nd, but lost viewers between DISNEY (17th) and BONANZA (1st) on Sundays) in 37th place, and had a 30.6 share airing opposite THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. ABC didn’t exactly have a lot of hits to choose from. FELONY SQUAD, which replaced SHENANDOAH, got a renewal in 1966-67 with a lower ranking (47th) and share (28.7) opposite ANDY.

    1. Given the time period, it may have had something to do with transitioning from B&W to color. But around this time TV was also transitioning away from westerns.

  5. wise up.. the failure to renew is a result of someone not getting his/ or her bells wrung!!– adverstising revenues were just not strong enough in that time slot!!-decision final….pk

  6. I loved this show when it came out in the sixties, and was really sad when it got cx’d. I think one of the big reasons that it failed was that it had a really superior plot line that just couldn’t be adequately dealt with in a half hour show. If it came out ten years later, and was given time to develop, I think it could have been a hit along the lines of Kung Fu with David Carradine (my all time favorite TV show, Still holds up well today imho)

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