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This promotional spot for ABC’s The Green Hornet is from the 1966-1967 season (the show only ran for that one season).

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  1. “The Green Hornet” was a good show. I think another reason, besides being in the wrong time slot, that it failed was that it was stupidly ‘introduced’ on “Batman”. The 2 shows were nothing alike. “Batman” fans expected it to be on that level while others just assumed it would be ‘camp’ since it was ‘associated’ with “Batman”. It was a VERY bad mistake to connect the 2 shows in that manner.

  2. It became connected because 1) both “BATMAN” and “THE GREEN HORNET” were produced by William {“Desmond Doomsday”} Dozier, and- even though The Hornet and Kato were briefly seen in a September 1966 ‘BATMAN” episode, primarily to remind viewers THEY were on Friday nights- 2) when ratings for the “HORNET” slipped, ABC tried to promote it through that special two-part “BATMAN” crossover episode in March 1967 [the episode titles I need not mention here]. Never mind that “BATMAN” himself was starting to falter in the ratings- it helped neither series.

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