Status of Volume One

This half-hour anthology series ran for just six weeks on ABC during the summer of 1949. Wyllis Cooper wrote, directed and hosted the series. Instead of titles, the episodes were numbered. According to The New York Times the episodes would “be distinguished by no scenery and, it is said, unusual development of the story line.” The Chicago Daily Tribune explained that the series would feature “dramas patterned after radio’s Quiet, Please episodes broadcast by ABC on Sunday afternoons. The dramas will be aimed at adult audiences.”

The UCLA Film & Television Archive has a copy of the sixth and final episode of Volume One in its collection. Happy Felton, Alex Segal, and Abby Lewis starred. Here’s the description of the episode from the library catalog:

A scientist who has invented a time machine attempts to outsmart the greedy businessman who commissioned the invention, but both are foiled by a very crafty newspaperwoman.

I’d love to get a chance to see this. Hopefully the other five episodes are somewhere out there, waiting to be unearthed. Remember: just because specific archives/museums don’t have every episode of Volume One doesn’t mean the episodes are lost.

# Episode Title Airdate Status
1 “Number One” 06/16/1949  
2 “Number Two” 06/23/1949  
3 “Number Three” 06/30/1949  
4 “Number Four” 07/07/1949  
5 “Number Five” 07/14/1949  
6 “Number Six” 07/21/1949 UCLA

1 “Radio News.” New York Times. 10 Jun. 1949: 50.
2 “New Television Show to Follow Pattern of Quiet, Please!” Chicago Daily Tribune. 8 May 1949: SW14.

Revised April 19th, 2016

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