New Article: My Living Doll

Julie Newmar as a robot? That’s an interesting idea for a sitcom. It might even deserve to be called one of television’s most outlandish concepts. But putting the beautiful Newmar in only a sheet? That’s genius. Unfortunately, the competition was just too much for this sitcom. A lot of people really want this out on DVD and there were rumors a while back that it was on its way. Maybe it still is.

Cross your fingers and take a moment to read my latest article all about My Living Doll:

Bob Cummings and Julie Newmar starred in this out there sitcom about a robot in the shape of a beautiful robot and a psychiatrist stuck looking after her. Critics felt the series had potential but it was clobbered by NBC’s Bonanza. A move to Wednesdays didn’t help much. Neither did Bob Cummings’ abrupt departure in early January. A total of 26 episodes, five without Cummings, were broadcast during the 1964-1965 season. Why didn’t it catch up? As Rhoda would say, it just didn’t compute.