October 1949 Chicago Videodex Ratings

Here are the Top Fifteen television programs broadcast in Chicago during October of 1949 according to Videodex ratings from Jay and Graham Research. The ratings were obtained from a sample of 450 families with television and were published in the November 18th, 1949 edition of The Chicago Daily Tribune. The fifteen programs were ranked three ways: by share of the audience, by total audience, and by viewer opinion. Milton Berle (on WNBQ) topped the first two lists while Cavalcade of Stars (on WGN-TV) had the best opinion among viewers.

Top Fifteen Programs by Share of Audience

I think it would be very interesting to see how many of these shows competed with one another. Were the shows facing Milton Berle left with an equal portion of the remaining audience? Or was another station able to capture the bulk of the viewers not watching WNBQ?

## Program Station Share
1. Milton Berle WNBQ 67.6
2. Toast of the Town WBKB 48.7
3. Courtesy TV Theater WGN-TV 46.5
4. Whiteman TV Teen Club WENR-TV 45.6
5. Stop the Music WENR-TV 44.7
6. Hopalong Cassidy WNBQ 43.4
7. Fireside Theater WNBQ 42.7
8. Lone Ranger WENR-TV 41.6
9. Cavalcade of Stars WGN-TV 39.4
10. Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts WBKB 38.4
11. Olsen and Johnson WNBQ 37.8
12. Wednesday Wrestling WENR-TV 36.3
13. Monday and Wednesday Wrestling WGN-TV 35.6
14. Kukla, Fran and Ollie WNBQ 34.2
15. Life of Riley WNBQ 33.2

Top Fifteen Programs by Total Audience

The article doesn’t explain what total audience refers to; is it the actual number of viewers? There’s just the following list which indicates that while Courtesy TV Theater had a larger percentage of the audience during October of 1949, Whiteman TV Teen Club had a much larger audience. Both shows were broadcast by WENR-TV so they weren’t competing with one another.

## Program Station
1. Milton Berle WNBQ
2. Toast of the Town WBKB
3. Whiteman’s TV Teen Club WENR-TV
4. Stop the Music WENR-TV
5. Cavalcade of Stars WGN-TV
6. Hopalong Cassidy WNBQ
7. Lone Ranger WENR-TV
8. Fireside Theater WNBQ
9. Courtesy TV Theater WGN-TV
10. Olsen and Johnson WNBQ
11. Monday and Wednesday Wrestling WGN-TV
12. Wednesday Wrestling WENR-TV
13. Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts WBKB
14. Life of Riley WNBQ
15. Kukla, Fran and Ollie WNBQ

Top Fifteen Programs by Viewer Opinion (Best to Worst)

Finally, the Top Fifteen programs were ranked by viewer opinion. No details were provided explaining how the programs were ranked by, but the article does note that 94% of the audience decided that WGN-TV’s Cavalcade of Stars was good. Presumably, WNBQ’s Fireside Theater had a much lower viewer opinion.

## Program Station
1. Cavalcade of Stars WGN-TV
2. Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts WBKB
3. Whiteman’s TV Teen Club WENR-TV
4. Milton Berle Show WNBQ
5. Kukla, Fran and Ollie WNBQ
6. Stop the Music WENR-TV
7. Lone Ranger WENR-TV
8. Courtesy TV Theater WGN-TV
9. Wednesday Wrestling WENR-TV
10. Toast of the Town WBKB
11. Hopalong Cassidy WBKB
12. Life of Riley WNBQ
13. Olsen and Johnson WNBQ
14. Monday and Wednesday Wrestling WGN-TV
15. Fireside Theater WNBQ

Wolters, Larry. “Chicago Rates Star Cavalcade 1st In TV Shows.” Chicago Daily Tribune. 18 Nov. 1949: B16.

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