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KVHC is a television station (Channel 15) located in Kerrville, Texas that is affiliated with Retro Television Network (RTV). It’s actually one of nine RTV affiliates in Texas, but that’s beside the point. KVHC streams its broadcast — commercials and all — live online through, meaning anyone and everyone can tune in. As I write this, KVHC is airing the end of an episode of Adam-12 and will soon start an episode of Dragnet. Based on its schedule it looks like KVHC more or less follows the national RTV feed, although it does pre-empt certain shows for local programming.

NOTE: As of May 2013, the KVHC stream is no longer active.

Because the stream is live, you can’t jump around to specific programs. So if you want to watch Movin’ On you’ll have to be in front of your computer at 2PM Eastern/1PM Central on Monday through Friday. But if you don’t get RTV in your area and really want to see Run For Your Life, the KVHC stream is for you.

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  1. Although it’s nice to see the kind of programming that RTN offers, I find their technical quality very distracting. Since the network is designed to air on a digital subcarrier of a primary station, the compression can be quite brutal depending on how much bandwidth the primary wants to allocate. In addition, RTN broadcasts their feeds to affiliates from servers in an mpeg4 format.

    I find the resulting macroblocking to be very distracting, and I’m just using a 15″ CRT reference monitor. YMMV depending on affiliate bandwidth.

    Another issue with RTN is their episode scheduling which seems to have no rhyme or reason. It is not uncommon for them to run the same episode of a stripped show several times within the same week. They also hop from season to season without any real running order. It almost seems as if they have their servers on “shuffle play”, which is why they never provide episode info/titles to listing services.

  2. I receive RTN, very weakly, via antenna. Sometimes it works crystal clear; at other times, signal strength is an issue.

    That being said, I enjoy watching it when it is available. I’ve seen several vintage programs that are as of yet unavailable on DVD such as ‘Kraft Suspense Theatre’, ‘Peter Gunn’, ‘Bachelor Father’, ‘The Bold Ones’, ‘Operation: Petticoat’, and even ‘The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo’, which I found vastly superior to its antecedent series, ‘BJ & The Bear’.

    I cannot understand why RTN is not carried more widely by cable systems, especially when it is vastly superior in its range and breadth of retro classic programming to the nearly-unwatchable TVLand, which puzzlingly, has near-universal cable clearances.

  3. Woops, it turns out the network switched its acronym from RTN to RTV last year. My mistake.

    The way I understand it, RTV is not available on any cable systems. It contracts with individual stations, typically for digital subchannels. So while it may show up in specific markets on cable, there is still a specific station in that area that is connected with RTV.

  4. RTV is available via digital cable, and, yeah, episode listings are non-existent. Instead, it’s too generic. They need to work on that in order to better serve both carriers and subscribers.

  5. Have been trying to watch the programming, but the only thing showing is an old Spencer Tracy movie followed, again and agin, by a Charlie Chan mistery.

  6. I just recently became aware of the retro television network; and was excited when I came across your blog with links for how to watch rtv online!

    However, after trying at different times of night and day, I cannot seem to get any shows via justin tv for rtv channel.

    All I find when I click the link above; is a “NASA” type of programming.

    Is there a different link to be able to watch rtv online? I love classic/retro tv; we just cancelled our cable due to too high cost of it, so am eager to have online alternatives for tv shows, especially retro shows from fifties, sixties, seventies, etc.

    I even went to rtv website….they had a link to go to justin tv to watch channel KVHC (rtv) and just got the same nasa/space programs over and over.

    Looked at the rtv schedule that N.R. posted above, (thank you!) and according to that, Peter Gunn is supposed to be on….only can see nasa tho.

    Any help for how to actually watch the wonderful sounding retro television network online would be much appreciated.

    Thank you all.

  7. Right now when they’re supposed to be showing “The Cosby Show”, they are showing auto racing, and then without any sound. I realize they do pre-empt one show for their afternoon/evening newscast, but this is ridiculous. Perhaps another RTV affilliate/broadcaster should broadcast on At one point they did have one from Scranton, PA I think, but they dropped RTV in favor of another channel.

    I live in Baltimore, and even though one of the Washington DC channels carries RTV, I can’t get that signal very well and Baltimore yet has an RTV affiliate, which I don’t understand, since many of the local channels here don’t sub or only have one sub channel. One channel does have 2 subs, but one of them is really just a standard 4:3 version of their main channel, which I feel is a waste IMHO. You’d think a major city would be a haven for all these subchannel networks.

  8. I’m sorry, but this channel is a complete bust due to the infomercials that are playing now. One would think that such a channel would show reruns of TV shows and not infomercials. Might as well just lead a raid on the film warehouses of the Big Five movie companies, steal the classic shows in question, and then pay to have them transferred to DVD.

    Kumy 22 has a stream (so does a key west station) but they may be gone too. they are talking to the stations. Don’t think they are supposed to be streaming them since they don’t have the right to online streaming and it violates other affiliates by streaming it out of their areas. So don’t know how long it will be up.

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