Articles Revised Through May 8th

Here’s a quick rundown of the articles I’ve revised over the past two weeks:

The Tab Hunter Show – In addition to expanding the section on episodes and plots, I found a few more critical reviews of this 1961-1962 NBC sitcom.

Outtakes, Bloopers & Goofs – This is one of the articles I probably wouldn’t write if I was thinking about doing so today. Back in February 2004 when I published it, there wasn’t any place to see these outtakes online. It was before YouTube. Nowadays, bloopers from just about any show you can think of can be found on YouTube and other similar sites. But the articles does have some information about early live bloopers and the blooper craze of the 1980s (TV’s Bloopers & Practical Joke on NBC and Bleeps and Blunders on ABC).

W*A*L*T*E*R – I still haven’t found any definitive proof that this pilot aired outside the Eastern/Central time zones. For the most part, my revision included shortening the plot summary significantly.

Home Free – What can I say about this ABC sitcom other than that it was not a very good show. And yet, there is something about it that intrigues me. Maybe it’s the sappy theme song or the brutality with which critics attacked the series when it premiered in March 1993. I added a few more review snippets and expanded the section on episodes.

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