New Weekly Schedule to Debut in July

As I mentioned yesterday, with the article revisions almost done I’m thinking about what comes next for Television Obscurities. I’m planning on returning to a limited weekly schedule next month. I tried keeping to a schedule before, from March 2009 to September 2010, and it didn’t work out too well in the end. Posting five or six times a week, very week, was too much. So I’m going to be more careful this time and not commit to more than I think I can reasonably handle. Which is why it is going to be a limited schedule.

I haven’t totally finalized the details but it will look something like this:

New Television Obscurities Blog Schedule

-Historical Television Schedules OR Historical Television Ratings

-Video Vault

-Local Connecticut TV

Believe it or not, putting together the historical television schedule/ratings posts can take a lot of time, depending on how much detail is required. Upwards of 30-45 minutes per post in some cases (mostly the really lengthy ratings posts). So initially I’ll be doing just one of those posts a week. If I can get ahead enough I might start doing both again.

I have dozens and dozens of promotional spots and other vintage video to share so I’ll be posting something to the Video Vault each week. And Local Connecticut TV will be a combination of historical television schedules for Connecticut stations and local commercials/promotional spots broadcast in Connecticut. I think it can be of interest to both Connecticut residents and fans of television in general because it will be a glimpse into the television landscape in one state.

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