The Hollywood Palace Promotional Spot

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Here’s an ABC network promotional spot (“Tonight on ABC…”) for the Saturday, October 23rd, 1965 episode of The Hollywood Palace. The show was broadcast in color but this is from a black-and-white print. The series ran from 9:30-10:30PM, so this spot would have been seen earlier in the evening during Shindig, The King Family or The Lawrence Welk Show.

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7 Replies to “The Hollywood Palace Promotional Spot”

  1. NOT “ABC SCOPE”, as it followed the “PALACE” at 10:30pm(et) at the time….but not ONE primary ABC affiliate bothered to carry it at its scheduled time- they usually “time-delayed” it on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, or in “fringe time”. WABC-TV carried a syndicated program at 10:30pm New York time (in early ’66, it was Gretchen Wyler’s “STEP THIS WAY”).

    1. Mr. Grauman,
      You mentioned Gretchen Wyler’s “Step This Way”. My partner, Delores Tooker, and I won the grand prize (two motorboats) on the very last show (I think it was their 26th). Do you know if any prints exist of the series? Any information you have would be so very appreciated. Thanks much.

    2. Was filmed in Philadelphia. I recall the weekly Judges included Ina Ballen, Charo, and the elegant Joan Fontaine. I was lucky enough to be a contestant.

  2. Replacing the ABC Saturday night variety talk show “The Jerry Lewis Show” time slot, “The Hollywood Palace” began in the first week of January 1964, shown in B&W for two seasons. ABC converted the HP Theatre into the first West Coast color studio during the summer of 1966, airing the fall 1966-1967 color season, with all B&W commercials, excepting the Monsanto Fabric/carpet ads which were in vivid color. Featuring from the first show, Bing Crosby was the main primary host. Nick Vanoff and Bill Harbach produced the music-variety series, signing alternating Hollywood film star guest hosts, including Milton Berle, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durrante, Betty Davis, Joan Crawford, Dale Robertson, Sammy Davis, George Burns, Liberace, Judy Garland, Van Johnson, Alice Faye and Phil Harris, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Dean Martin, etc.. ABC TV’s answer to an Ed Sullivan Format series, the Hollywood Palace was the network’s prestigious solution for improving the program’s rating popularity for the weekend time slot, following the popular “Lawrence Welk Music Variety Show”.
    The series, running a low ratings schedule, after seven (6-1/2 of the) seasons, was canceled in the same month of it’s premiere January, 1964, ending the first week of January, 1970.

  3. Cecelia lucas you uncle danced on that show Louis prignano and won a lot a trip to Europe I believe he did the cha cha his nickname or dance name was blade

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