WTIC-TV Week Starts Tomorrow

As I wrote last month, one of my plans for 2014 is to periodically post weekly collections of videos to the Video Vault similar to last November’s Local Connecticut Commercials Month. The first of these — WTIC-TV Week — starts tomorrow.

Every morning through February 23rd I’ll be posting a video from 1985 relating to former Connecticut independent station and current FOX affiliate WTIC-TV, which signed on in September 1984. Included will be promotional spots for syndicated repeats, sporting events, movie blocks and more.

As was the case with Local Connecticut Commercials Month, the intent of this collection isn’t solely to showcase Connecticut local television but to examine in some small way how an independent station promoted itself and its programming. Most people won’t be familiar with WTIC-TV specifically but might have had a similar independent station in their city or state.

So be sure to check in every morning starting tomorrow.

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