Decades Diginet to Soft Launch January 16th

January 18th, 2015 Update: The official Decades website can be found here, along with a complete list of the marathons leading up to the launch in May.

January 14th, 2015 Update: WBAY-TV has announced that it will not launch Decades on January 16th as planned. Instead, the Live Well Network will continue for a few months.

Decades, the new classic television digital specialty network (or diginet), from CBS and Weigel Broadcasting announced last October, will soft launch this Friday (January 16th) on at least one station. WBAY-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin has announced that Decades will launch on its digital subchannel 2.3 as a replacement for the Live Well Network. The official launch of Decades will take place on May 25th. During the soft launch period the diginet will air marathons of TV shows from its library, starting with The Millionaire.

Program schedules for the first four weeks reveal that later marathons will include The Mothers-in-Law, Family Affair, F Troop, Get Smart, The Phil Silvers Show, The Doris Day Show, Colonel March of Scotland Yard, Burke’s Law, The Invisible Man, Honey West, and Route 66. The WBAY-TV press release states Decades will air “its entire library of shows with back-to-back-to-back episodes,” so presumably we’ll know by May exactly what shows the diginet has rights to, at least initially.

Some of the shows, like The Millionaire and Colonel March of Scotland Yard, have never been released on DVD and probably haven’t been seen in syndication for years or decades. Hopefully Decades will be showing more shows like these as opposed to more readily available shows like Get Smart and The Doris Day Show.

Recall that Decades plans to differentiate itself from other classic TV diginets like Me-TV or Cozi TV by airing themed programming every day relating to various historical and pop culture events.

WBAY-TV is not a CBS owned-and-operated station. Presumably, all CBS O&Os will also be soft launching Decades but that hasn’t been confirmed.

17 Replies to “Decades Diginet to Soft Launch January 16th”

  1. This diginet sounds very promising. I hope it comes to my area soon. I had never heard of “Colonel March of Scotland Yard.” I just looked up some information about it, and it is the type of series I would really enjoy.

  2. Was wonderng where you found the schedule? Would like to know what they might be ariing. WBAY will not be launching the station soon as LWN did not go away like they were sipposed to and WBAY plans to keep it as long as they do. They were the original CBS station in Green Bay.

  3. Just dumped cable in Dec. Put up a tv antenna (we are 50 miles from Phila.) I’ve been hooked on Decades since The Mother’s In Law in Jan! …Can’t wait for Car 54!

  4. I love this station,but at first I didn’t understand it but now I kind of do. I love the fact that you do the marathons but what about The Munsters and Night Stalkers and Dennis the Menace(1959) and Kojak.

  5. I love this station,but at first I didn’t understand it but now I kind of do. I love the fact that you do the marathons but what about The Munsters and Night Stalkers and Dennis the Menace(1959) and Kojak.

  6. Enjoying the channel “DECAD”. I watch it 24/7 loving all the old time television programs. Told my friends about it and they now watch it too.

  7. The Munsters, Gentle Ben, Ozzie & Harriet, Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour & Horror Inc.This is all I can think of.

  8. Will the Decade network be coming to the Hampton Roads area(Norfolk, Virginia Beach)..and if so will it carry any old school cartoons from the 50’s–80’s,love to see some cartoons especially on the weekends…What network would carry Decade?

  9. I would like to see the Night Stalker, staring Darrin Mcgavin, I love Decade movie station keep it coming!!!

  10. i absolutely, positively love, love LOVE this channel!! I DVR Decades thru time each weekday, but I wonder.. What about the weekend dates? Surely things have happened on the dates which just happen to fall on the current calendar weekends. I look forward to this show on this channel every day when I get up. I watch the old shows all the time! Thank you, Decades!!
    Ps. For some reason, each generation seems to want to relive easier, softer times. I know I do and have wanted old shows AND commercials back for a very long time now.

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