It’s About Time Coming to DVD [Updated]

May 17th, 2017 Update: According to, It’s About Time will be released on DVD on June 27th. Included as a bonus feature is an interview with Pat Cardi (Breer).

One season wonder It’s About Time (CBS, 1965-1966) is coming to DVD. ClassicFlix revealed yesterday that it plans to release the sitcom on DVD. A release date has yet to be announced other than a vague “late spring” time frame. ClassicFlix launched in 2007 as a DVD rental service (like Netflix) catering exclusively to pre-1970 movies and television shows. Now it is launching its own home video label as well.

Sherwood Schwartz created It’s About Time, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year. The sitcom starred Frank Aletter, Jack Mullaney, Imogene Coca, and Joe E. Ross. At first, it followed the misadventures of two astronauts stranded in prehistoric times. Near the end of the season, the astronauts and a cave family returned to the 20th century to continue their misadventures. You can find my in-depth It’s About Time article here.

Color still from the opening credits of It's About Time
The Scorpio space capsule can be seen in the background.
(Copyright MGM/UA Telecommunications Group)

Diginet Antenna TV began airing It’s About Time in September 2015. All 26 episodes have aired at least four times. If you can’t wait for the DVD set, Antenna TV starts over from the beginning this Sunday Saturday (March 4th) at 6AM ET.

In addition to It’s About Time, ClassixFlix will also release the first season of the 1959-1961 syndicated police drama Lock-Up on DVD. Produced by Ziv Television, the series starred Macdonald Carey and John Doucette. Alpha Video has released numerous episodes on DVD over the past decade. This will be the first season set for the series.

The company has also announced a number of movie titles it will offer on DVD and/or Blu-ray.

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5 Replies to “It’s About Time Coming to DVD [Updated]”

  1. It’s interesting that over fifty years later I can still remember the theme song for this and other short-lived TV shows (such as “Room For One More”). I can’t say the same thing for most modern TV shows.

    I don’t know if songwriters were more skilled at creating catchy tunes and lyrics in those days or whether my younger brain was more likely to retain them. It might make an interesting research project. :-)

    1. Most modern shows don’t have theme songs. It’s rare for a show today to have one. At most they’ll have a few notes with the title card.

      And when they do use a theme song it may be part of a popular song rather than something original. So it doesn’t have the same association with the show.

  2. Will the premiere air March 4 (Saturday) or March 5 (Sunday) on Antenna TV? I hope I can see a few minutes of it at least, as I don’t get a very good signal on Antenna TV where I live. Fortunately for me Me-TV is on my U-Verse package.

    1. The first two episodes are scheduled to air this SATURDAY (March 4th) from 6-7AM ET on Antenna TV. It used to air on Sundays. Sorry for the confusion.

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