Let’s Remember The Wedding Bells

Let’s Remember is an opportunity for those who watched relatively recent short-lived TV shows, as well as those who didn’t, to share their thoughts and memories, to help ensure that these shows aren’t forgotten. This month’s column examines The Wedding Bells (FOX, 2007).

The Basics

Title: The Wedding Bells
Network: FOX
Cast: KaDee Strickland as Annie Bell, Teri Polo as Jane Bell, Sarah Jones as Sammy Bell, Michael Landes as David Conlon, Benjamin King as Russell Hawkins, Chris Williams as Ralph Snow
Air dates: March 7th, 2007 – April 6th, 2007
Time slot: Fridays at 9PM ET
Episodes: 7 (2 Unaired)

Official Synopsis

From FOX’s website (via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine):

From executive producers David E. Kelley, Jason Katims and Jonathan Pontell comes THE WEDDING BELLS, a romantic dramedy about a family-owned wedding planning business dedicated to helping its clients live happily ever after … or at least until they get to the parking lot.

The BELL sisters, ANNIE (KaDee Strickland), JANE (Teri Polo) and SAMMY (Sarah Jones), inherited The Wedding Palace after their parents’ divorce. Now they must navigate the endless complications of planning elaborate weddings while trying to figure out where they stand in their own complicated love lives.

From dealing with high-maintenance Bridezillas and their families to calming wedding-day jitters, the trio of planners and their loyal staff do their utmost to make sure that every bride’s special day is a dream-come-true, as they attempt to take their burgeoning company from wedding emporium to wedding empire.

Adding to the behind-the-scenes chaos are photographer DAVID CONLON (Michael Landes), whose tension-filled dealings with Annie are clearly the result of pent-up sexual chemistry; and RUSSELL HAWKINS (Benjamin King), Jane’s husband and the company COO.

Russell was hired to attract a higher-end clientele and take the business to the next level while simultaneously cutting costs, which isn’t very easy because the women like to give clients little extras that keep eating up the profits.

Meanwhile, Jane is constantly fending off the advances of their head chef, Ernesto. Then there’s wedding singer RALPH SNOW (Chris Williams), who always aspired to be the next Lenny Kravitz, but instead is stuck crooning endless cover songs and retro medleys for unappreciative wedding guests.

Whatever the glitch en route to getting hitched, THE WEDDING BELLS have seen it all. They’ve mastered the art of guiding couples down the aisle; but have they ignored their own personal relationships along the way?

Programming Notes

-If Wikipedia is correct (and in this case I think it is), creators David E. Kelley and Jason Katims reworked an unsold ABC pilot from 2004 called “DeMarco Affairs” into The Wedding Bells for FOX.

-According to the futon critic, the show went through at least two title changes. It was previously known as The Wedding Store and The Wedding Planners.

-FOX gave The Wedding Bells a sneak preview on Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 following American Idol. The network then repeated the pilot two days later in the show’s regular Friday time slot.

TV Guide’s Take

As a mid-season replacement, The Wedding Bells wasn’t featured in a TV Guide Fall Preview issue.


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Opening Credits


My Thoughts

I vaguely remember watching at least one or two episodes of The Wedding Bells. What do I remember? Not much. About the only thing I recall is that actress Missi Pyle had a recurring role and her character was incredibly annoying. I also thought the wedding photographer, played by Michael Landes, was a creep.

One thing I can’t remember is if the show had a traditional opening credits sequence with a theme song or if it just used a title card.

Where to Watch

Nowhere. The show isn’t out on DVD nor is it streaming anywhere. You can watch a few clips on YouTube if you’re desperate.

Hit the comments with your thoughts and memories to ensure that The Wedding Bells isn’t forgotten forever.


  • Roger Reini says:

    I have a copy of the final episode that aired, “The Most Beautiful Girl”, which I recorded off of the air and saved as a 640 x 350 file. There is indeed a proper opening credits sequence with a theme song. I would have to re-watch the episode to report any more.

  • Patrick McNamara says:

    I’m sure for a show that recent a copy must exist somewhere. But I don’t see much chance of it being released unless someone gets hold of the David E. Kelly library and releases it.

    I did run across information on a similarly titled British TV movie called Wedding Belles the same year. It’s possible that caused some confusion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_Belles

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