Audio Vault: The Carol Burnett Show Closing (3/1/1971)

Here’s incomplete audio from the closing credits to the March 1st, 1971 episode of The Carol Burnett Show on CBS:

The credits include a voiceover promotional spot for All in the Family on CBS. Specifically, the Tuesday, March 2nd, 1971 episode (“Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood”). Also heard is the beginning of a promotional spot for The Merv Griffin Show, voiced by Merv Griffin himself.

Here’s a transcript:

There’s a house for sale on the Bunker’s block and Archie is shocked at who his new neighbors will be. On All in the Family, tomorrow night on CBS at 9:30, 8:30 central time.

Hi, this is Merv Griffin. Tonight–

About This Recording

Source: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Date: Monday, March 1st, 1971
Network: CBS
Station: Unknown

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7 Replies to “Audio Vault: The Carol Burnett Show Closing (3/1/1971)”

  1. Thanks for sharing these audio clips here. Your site is a fantastic repository for tv history.
    I wonder if the audio of the Merv Griffin promo was cut because that CBS affiliate didn’t carry it. That’s a possibility anyway.

    1. Actually, I suspect the tape just had a dropout. Athough Griffin was in syndication for most of his career, he was on CBS for 3 years, up against Dick Cavett on ABC and Johnny Carson on NBC.

  2. “There is a house for sale on the Bunkers block and Archie is shocked at who his new neighbors will be….” The understatement of the decade!

    1. Of course those neighbors were the Jeffersons. Interesting note: Lionel and Weezy were seen that season, but it would take another few years before George showed up. Sherman Hemsley would then go on to dominate the spinoff series.

      1. Norman Lear wanted Hemsley for the role, but he was committed to the national tour of the musical PURLIE…when needed, George’s brother Henry would confront Archie until he could join the cast.

  3. The “All in the Family” promo V/O was the future Voice of the “CBS Evening News” during the Walter Cronkite era (1972-79), Bob Hite.

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