Audio Vault: Jerry Lewis Show Closing (2/27/1968)

Here’s audio from the closing credits to the February 27th, 1968 episode of The Jerry Lewis Show on NBC:

Jerry Lewis sings the final verse of his closing theme song (“Smile”). Then comes a network voiceover promotional spot for an NBC special about Clark Gable to be seen the following week. (“Dear Mr. Gable” ran in place of The Jerry Lewis Show from 8-9PM ET on Tuesday, March 5th, 1968.)

Two additional network promotional spots are also heard. First, a promo for the 1965 movie McGuire, Go Home!, which aired from 9-11PM ET on February 27th as part of NBC Tuesday Night at the Movies. Next, a spot for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Ed McMahon voices both of these promos.

Here’s a transcript:

Next week in this time period, see a one-hour special on Clark Gable. His life, his love, and his leading ladies.

This is Ed McMahon inviting you to stay tuned now as Dirk Bogarde and Susan Strasberg star in McGuire Go Home. Next on Tuesday Night at the Movies. And later this evening, fresh from his truimphant stint in Hollywood, Johnny Carson will be here with his guests Melvyn Douglas, Morey Amsterdam, Orson Bean, and Anne Heywood. All on The Tonight Show, the late night place to be, right here on NBC.

About This Recording

Source: Reel-to-reel audio tape
Date: Tuesday, February 27th, 1968
Network: NBC
Station: Unknown

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7 Replies to “Audio Vault: Jerry Lewis Show Closing (2/27/1968)”

  1. “Smile” I think is a beautiful song, and its music was written by none other than the Little Tramp himself, Charlie Chaplin.

  2. Yes, and believe it or not it was recorded by Michael Jackson, who collected Chaplin memorabilia.

  3. It was on this just-passed “triumphant stint in Hollywood” (technically Burbank) in Feb. 1968 that Carson appeared in the bit with Don Rickles in the Japanese bath and threw Rickles into the tub. Carson also did the Dragnet satire bit with Jack Webb on the same trip. Both of these segments were shown on many Tonight Show anniversary specials for years to come.

  4. Thank you very much for posting this rare audio recording, since it helped me establish what date Anne Heywood appeared as a guest star on THE TONIGHT SHOW. I’ve been working with Anne on a book about her life and career, but she could not remember the date of her appearance on the program. Carson’s company did not have any record of the date in their system, since the episode was (like so much of the early years of the show) wiped years ago.

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