Nielsen Bottom 10, November 13th-19th, 1972

Week 10 of the 1972-1973 season started on Monday, November 13th, 1972 and ended on Sunday, November 19th, 1972. The highest-rated program was the ABC Sunday Movie (Patton) on ABC with a 38.5/65 Nielsen rating/share. Here are the 10 lowest-rated programs:

## Program Network Rating
52 NCAA Football #2 ABC 13.7/21
53 Anna & King CBS 13.6/20
54 America NBC 13.0/21
55 Mannix CBS 12.3/18
56 The Men ABC 12.0/18
57 Dick Van Dyke CBS 11.9/17
58 Banyon NBC 10.8/19
59 Night Gallery NBC 10.8/16
60 Owen Marshall ABC 10.4/17
61 NCAA Post Game ABC   9.3/15

For the record, program titles are written exactly the way they were published in 1972.

Curiously, the Broadcasting chart excluded the NCAA Post Game, which ranked last for the week according to The Los Angeles Times. Perhaps the post-game coverage aired outside of prime time, so Broadcasting didn’t feel the need to include it?


“Movie ‘Patton’ Takes Top Nielsen Rating.” Los Angeles Times. 1 Dec. 1972: D29.
“Patton, NBC in Nielsens.” Broadcasting. 4 Dec. 1972: 44.

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  1. For those of who are curious, “America” was a look at American history, hosted by Alistair Cooke, a British announcer best known in the US as the original host of “Masterpiece Theater”.

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