2017: TV’s New Obscurities [Updated]

It’s time for my comprehensive look at new obscurities born during 2017. This is my 10th annual overview of TV shows that came and quickly went during the past year. Last week, I wrote about six short-lived network TV shows many people have likely already forgotten. You’ll find them on this list, as well as more than a dozen others. My definition of a “new obscurity” has evolved over time. Currently, I consider any scripted TV show that aired 13 episodes or fewer a new obscurity.

As always, my focus is on the broadcast networks, so you won’t find cable or streaming programs listed below.

The fates of a number of TV shows that debuted during 2017 are uncertain. They include two summer shows and seven fall shows. I’ve marked them with an asterisk. If these nine shows are ultimately cancelled, as I’m predicting, they’ll bring the number of new obscurities born during 2017 to 23. That’s down slightly from 24 in 2016. Update: Eight of these shows were cancelled, for a total of 22 “new obscurities” from 2017.

The two summer shows in limbo are Midnight, Texas (NBC) and Somewhere Between (ABC). Update: NBC renewed Midnight, Texas for a second season; ABC cancelled Somewhere Between.

The seven new fall shows I predict will be cancelled are Me, Myself & I (CBS), The Brave (NBC), Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC), Ten Days in the Valley (ABC), Wisdom of the Crowd (CBS), The Mayor (ABC), and Valor (The CW). Update: All of these shows were cancelled.

A handful of additional new shows from last fall may not get renewed for next season, like Ghosted (FOX), 9JKL (CBS), and Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC). But these shows will produce 16 episodes each during their first seasons, above my 13-episode cutoff for new obscurities. Will three more episodes really make these shows any less obscure if they end up being cancelled? Doubtful.


Emerald City (NBC)
10 episodes
January 6th – March 3rd

Powerless (NBC)
12 episodes (3 unaired)
February 2nd – April 20th

One of the unaired episodes was briefly, and officially, available on YouTube. DC Comics wanted to honor the late Adam West, who guest-starred in the episode.

Training Day (CBS)
13 episodes
February 2nd – May 20th

24: Legacy (FOX)
12 episodes
February 5th – April 17th

12 episodes
February 6th – April 24th

Doubt (CBS)
13 episodes
February 15th – 22nd; July 1st – July 29th

CBS yanked this drama after just two episodes due to low ratings and later burned off the remaining episodes during the summer.

The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC)
8 episodes
February 23rd – April 13th

Chicago Justice (NBC)
13 episodes
March 1st – May 14th

Making History (FOX)
9 episodes
March 5th – May 21st

Time After Time (ABC)
12 episodes (7 unaired)
March 5th – March 26th

Shots Fired (FOX)
10 episodes
March 22nd – May 24th

FOX promoted Shots Fired as a 10-part “event series” with a definitive ending. But had the ratings been better, I’m sure the network would’ve asked producers for a second installment.

Imaginary Mary (ABC)
9 episodes
March 29th – May 30th


Downward Dog (ABC)
8 episodes
May 17th – June 27th

Still Star-Crossed (ABC)
7 episodes
May 29th – July 29th


Midnight, Texas (NBC)*
10 episodes
July 24th – September 18th
Update: Renewed for a second season

Somewhere Between (ABC)*
10 episodes
July 24th – September 19th
Update: Cancelled


Me, Myself & I (CBS)*
13 episodes (7 unaired)
September 25th – October 30th

CBS hasn’t officially cancelled this sitcom but it’s not coming back next season. The unaired episodes may get a summer burn-off. Update: Cancelled

The Brave (NBC)*
13 episodes
September 25th, 2017 – January 29th, 2018

Low ratings and little critical acclaim suggest this military drama won’t be back for a second season. Update: Cancelled

Marvel’s Inhumans (ABC)*
8 episodes
September 29th – November 10th

The odds of a second season are slim but not impossible. ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey didn’t sound optimistic at a Television Critics Association (TCA) session earlier this week. Update: Cancelled

Ten Days in the Valley (ABC)*
10 episodes
October 1st – October 22nd; December 16th – January 6th, 2018

I believe this was promoted as “limited series” by ABC. The network pulled it off the air after just four episodes and later burned off the remaining episodes over the course of four consecutive Saturdays. Update: Cancelled

Wisdom of the Crowd (CBS)*
13 episodes
October 1st, 2017 – January 14th, 2018

CBS opted not to pick this drama up for the remainder of the 2017-2018 season, effectively cancelling it. Update: Cancelled

The Mayor (ABC)*
13 episodes (4 unaired)
October 3rd – December 12th

Despite ordering three additional scripts, ABC apparently lost faith in this sitcom as the season progressed and pulled the series from its schedule earlier this month. Update: Cancelled

Valor (The CW)*
13 episodes
October 9th, 2017 – January 29th, 2018

Yet another drama without an official cancellation notice, The CW may surprise everyone by renewing Valor for a second season. But it’s unlikely based on what network president Mark Pedowitz told Deadline Hollywood this week. Update: Cancelled

Did you watch any of the TV shows listed above? Are there any you’ve never heard of? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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