Lost Television Gems on Decades This Month

Digital specialty network Decades is airing “lost television gems” each weekday this month. The two-hour programming block runs from 3-5PM ET and repeats from 2-4AM ET. Some of the TV shows already seen include The Great Gildersleeve, Medic, Accidental Family, and Your Show of Shows. Later this month, Decades will broadcast episodes of Brenner, Gang Busters, One Happy Family, and Mack and Myer for Hire, plus many other shows.

Check to see if there’s an affiliate in your area at the official Decades website. It’s one of several classic TV diginets I don’t have access to (others include MeTV and getTV).

I’ve compiled a list of all the TV shows that have already aired or will air as part of the Decades “lost television gems” programming block. Take a look:

Monday, January 1st
Life with Elizabeth
Love That Bob

Tuesday, January 2nd
The Great Gildersleeve

Wednesday, January 3rd
Annie Oakley

Thursday, January 4th

Friday, January 5th
N/A (Rose Marie tribute)

Monday, January 8th
You Bet Your Life

Tuesday, January 9th
Pistols ‘n’ Petticoats
The Beulah Show
Accidental Family

Wednesday, January 10th
Racket Squad
Boston Blackie

Thursday, January 11th
Your Show of Shows

Friday, January 12th
Movin’ On

Monday, January 15th
The Mickey Rooney Show
The Liberace Show

Tuesday, January 16th
The Man Behind the Badge
Gang Busters

Wednesday, January 17th
Life with Elizabeth

Thursday, January 18th
The Deputy

Friday, January 19th
Trouble with Father (aka The Stu Erwin Show)

Monday, January 22nd
One Happy Family

Tuesday, January 23rd
Circle of Fear

Wednesday, January 24th
The Adventures of Robin Hood

Thursday, January 25th
Mack and Myer for Hire

Friday, January 26th
Stoney Burke
Cowboy in Africa

Monday, January 29th

Tuesday, January 30th

Wednesday, January 31st

Check the official Decades program schedule for more details.

Are you able to watch Decades? Have you tuned in to its “lost TV” weekday block so far this month? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

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6 Replies to “Lost Television Gems on Decades This Month”

  1. Yes, I get Decades, and really like it. I have recorded and watched episodes of “I Married Joan,” “My Little Margie,” and “Life with Elizabeth.” I have recorded episodes of “Private Secretary” and “Beulah,” but have not yet watched them.

  2. I wish I could get Decades, but I don’t have it on cable, and I can’t pick it up on my digital antenna. I did get to see LIFE WITH ELIZABETH when I had an oil change back last October, and it took just enough time for me to see 1 of that episode’s 2 or 3 segments. I think this plot had Elizabeth taking music lessons and causing her husband to be jealous of her music teacher. It was fun to see the show again. I’d love to see an episode or 2 of ONE HAPPY FAMILY, but I’ll probably miss that marathon next Monday.

  3. I have “One Happy Family” from the last time they ran it & they are showing the same (5) episodes again…not newer ones

  4. I love Decades! I was just a kid growing up when most of these shows aired. I was shocked to get to see Yancy Derringer & Steve Canyon recently. The last time Canyon aired was in 1960 & I was ten years old! What a pleasant time warp getting to see it again now at age 68. Please keep it coming. There is a generation of us boomers out there who still love this type of programing!

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