These Are The Days Promotional Spot

From the Television Obscurities YouTube channel, here’s a promotional spot for Saturday morning cartoon These Are The Days, which ran on ABC during the 1974-1975 season.

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2 Replies to “These Are The Days Promotional Spot”

  1. This cartoon aired during my senior year in high school so I hadn’t known These Are the Days existed until seeing this post. If it had come along years earlier (when I was content with the TV version of history) I probably would have enjoyed watching it, though I’m sure if I came across an episode of it nowadays I wouldn’t be too impressed with this Saturday morning cartoon’s historical accuracy.

    However I’m pleased that someone at ABC gave the green light to broadcast a children’s cartoon that may have attempted to be a little more realistic than the standard slapstick comedy and/or adventure cartoon series.

  2. I think they were trying to do an animated Waltons, although it reminded me a lot of Charlotte’s Web, maybe because of Pamelyn Ferdin doing voices in both productions and the same studio doing the animation. I’m sure the movie gave them the idea to do the show.

    It stands out as something very different among all the superhero shows and Scooby-Doo knock-offs. It looked like a show for a more mature audience at a time when cartoons were just thought of as just being for kids. It was among my favorite shows at the time partially because the animation seemed just a little bit above that of the other shows.

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