TV Guide 365: Tuesday, September 29th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Tuesday, September 29th, 1964

7:30 MR. NOVAK (NBC)
“With a Hammer in His Hand, Lord, Lord!” Industrial arts teacher Carl Green conducts classes like a shop foreman, which provokes student Lee Darragh into taking violent action. Script by D. F. Black. Novak: James Franciscus. Vane: Dean Jagger. Miss Dorsey: Marjorie Corley. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
Carl Green ………….. Simon Oakland
Lee Darragh ………….. Tim McIntire
Jim Carsey ………….. Walter Koenig
Det. Sgt. Sol Moss ………….. Arthur Franz
John Majetick ………….. Crahan Denton
Joe Costanza ………….. Tom Nardini
Jack Majetick ………….. Bob May

“Point of View.” Sergeant O’Neill and Lieutenant Collins hold Saunders responsible for the deaths of two men on patrol, and they intend to press charges. Written by David Moessinger. (60 min.)

“Clash of the Generals” examines the French and German battle plans and explains how and why each failed. Cameras view the generals of both nations; German terror weapons demolishing Liege; French poilus liberating and losing the lost provinces of Alsace-Lorraine; and the astonishing French victory at the Marne, won with the aid of the taxicab army. Script by co-producer John Sharnik. Robert Ryan narrates.


“The Iowa-Scuba Affair.” Diving gear in Iowa? That’s what Solo discovers after he’s forced to kill a saboteur at a secret Air Force installation in that inland state.

While carrying the base payroll, bumbling Ensign Parker stumbles and knocks himself unconscious. When he awakens, the money is gone.

At one of his subsidiary companies, Walter is mistaken for an employee, so he decides to stay on the job–incognito–to find out why planet production has fallen off. Walter: Walter Brennan. Pat: Van Williams. Wilson: Jerome Cowan. Betty: Janet Lake.
Guest Cast
Ross Murray ………….. Allen Case
Thompson ………….. Jan Arvan
Foreman ………….. Ralph Montgomery
Worker ………….. Dave Ketchum
Carol ………….. Caroline Kido

One of Kate’s neighbors comes to stay at Shady Rest while waiting to have her baby, and nervous Uncle Joe immediately works out a master plan to get a doctor to Shady Rest when the crucial time comes.

[RETURN] [COLOR] The topical humor troupe moves to a new time this season with three returning regulars: [“]TW3 Girl” Nancy Ames, British humorist David Frost and comedienne Phyllis Newman. The roster of semi-regulars includes Bob Dishy, pantomimist-puppeteer Burr Tillstrom and actress Pat Englund. Buck Henry, star of the satirical movie “The Troublemaker,” will handle both performing and writing chores. Other writers include Gerald Gardner, author of several political humor books, and Dee Caruso, co-editor of Sick Magazine. Norman Paris orchestra. (Live)
Postponed from last week.

After Julie has a mysterious accident, Dr. Rossi becomes involved in the internal conflicts of the Anderson family.

“The Suspect,” first of a two-part episode. Dr. Tazinski is on the spot: an old girl friend asks him for help and is later found dead, the victim of an illegal abortion. Tazinski: Michael Tolan. Steffen: Joseph Campanella. Liz: Shirl Conway. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
Detective Sgt. Sam Crowell ………….. Bert Freed
Edith Robertson ………….. Jessica Walter
Richael Mead ………….. Fran Sharon
Saunders ………….. Martin Sheen
Samuel Mitchell ………….. Fred J. Scollay
Dr. Zack Fuller ………….. Dana Elcar
Chris Dunlap ………….. Frank Campanella


“Man on a String.” When a philandering husband is found murdered, the chief suspect is his girl friend Lucey Russell. But Lucey has an alibi: She was with Kimble. (60 min.)


TV Guide, September 26, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 39, Issue #600) [Western New England Edition]

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4 Replies to “TV Guide 365: Tuesday, September 29th, 1964”

  1. Walter Koenig would go on to play Chekov on Star Trek! Jessica Walter is now best known for Archer and Arrested Development. Fun Fact: She would be next seen in a series called For The People on which she was married to a lawyer played by William Shatner [yes, the future Captain Kirk]!

  2. most important- though- Jessica Walter’s film career was to be set by the favors of director SIDNEY LUMET–THE FOLLOWING YEAR*—–> THE GROUP* BOMBED– introduced Joanna Pettit ( before casino Royale) ELIZABETH HARTMANN ( PATCH OF BLUE) -even w/ RICHARD MULLIGAN —-& Katherine Widdoes}– many many others did get cast from their obscure television guest rolls….*ETC ETC

  3. “That Was The Week That Was” (also known as “TW3”) had begun as a British show in 1962, and became a huge hit for the BBC. The “Beeb” licensed an American version that first aired as a one-shot special on NBC in November, 1963 (a week before President Kennedy was assassinated); that special’s huge ratings led to a weekly version staring in January of 1964.

    The season premiere of “TW3” was postponed because the Barry Goldwater campaign (which didn’t like “TW3″‘s ribbing of the senator during the early months of 1964) bought a half-hour of time to pre-empt the show.

    The campaign did so again several times over the next several weeks.

    If my memory serves me correct, “TW3” only aired once between September 29th and November 5th. Most of he pre-emptions were due to paid political specials, although I think the Summer Olympics pre-empted “TW3” once in October.

    On November 5th, the show was pre-empted again. This time, it was Election Night, and the show was, along with the rest of NBC’s prime-time and late-night schedule, for coverage of the Election results.

    “TW3” returned on November 12th, and supposedly the program opened with a clip from Goldwater’s concession speech, with either host David Frost or an announcer voicing-over that “Due to circumstances beyond our control, the scheduled paid political program will not be seen tonight. Stay tuned for ‘That Was The Week That Was”, next in Living Color on NBC”.

    (Frost had hosted both the BBC and NBC versions; he became a star on both sides of the Atlantic thanks to his respective “TW3” shows)

    During it’s first half-season (January-May, 1964), the American version of “TW3” was a hit. But after being pre-empted so much during the fall of 1964, the show lost a lot of ratings momentum which it was never able to regain. The American version of “TW3” left the air at the end of the 1964-65 season.

    The “Weekend Update” segment on “Saturday Night Live”, “The Daily Show”, and “Last Week Tonight” are all descendants of “TW3”.

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