TV Guide 365: Wednesday, September 23rd, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 1964

[SPECIAL] “The Presidency: A Splendid Mystery.” The words of U.S. Presidents are read by an all-star cast. See teh Close-up. (60 min.)
“CBS Reports” is pre-empted tonight.

[COLOR] “Dark Challenge.” Trampas is a mighty embarrassed cowpoke: He tried to force newcomer Jenny Hendricks to dance with him, and then learned she couldn’t because she’s lame. (90 min.)

Ozzie gives Rick’s old toy printing press to some kids, who enterprisingly use it to publish a neighborhood gossip sheet. The Nelsons portray themselves.

“Practice Makes Perfect.” Patty has a lot of brass–a new tuba–and her practice is so far from perfect that the Lane family resorts to ear plugs.

Seen in an earlier time spot than last season, this series begins its third year with the Clampetts purchasing a movie studio. And, naturally, our new moguls can’t get past the guard at the studio gate.

Jimmy O’Neill’s special guest is singer Johnny Rivers. Also on the bill: comic Alan Sues; Bobby Freeman (“Come On and Swim”); the Righteous Brothers (“Koko Joe,” “My Babe”); Jody Miller (“Saved”); Darlene Love (“You’ll Never Go to Heaven if You Break My Heart”); and Pamela Bennett (“And I Love Him”). Shindig dancers, Ray Pohlman orchestra.

It’s the fourth TV season for the Petries. Tonight: “My Mother Can Beat Up My Father.” Rob is in the hospital, in traction, and in great discomfort–all because he married an “adorable amazon.”

Wednesday Night at the Movies: “Career.” (1959) James Lee did the screen adaptation of his off-Broadway play about the poverty, betrayals and deprivations a New York actor suffered in order to work in the theater. Joseph Anthony directed. “Beverly Hillbilly” Donna Douglas is sen briefly as Marjorie Burke. (Two hours)

Mickey is about to take “The Big Jump.” Without telling anyone, Timmy has enrolled his dad and himself in a father-and-son parachute-jumping club. Mickey: Mickey Rooney. Timmy: Tim Rooney. Nora: Emmaline Henry. Sammy: Sammee Tong. Buddy: Brian Nash.
Guest Cast
Sergeant Klauber ………….. Dort Clark
Captain Barker ………….. Henry Brandon
Old Lady ………….. Kathryn Minner

[DEBUT] This half-hour comedy series has Cara Williams and Frank Aletter as Cara and Frank Bridges, a couple who keep their marriage a secret because the company they both work for (she’s a kookie file clerk and he’s an efficiency expert) has a policy against retaining husband-and-wife teams. Paul Reed plays their boss, Damon Burkhardt; jazz musician Jack Sheldon plays the couple’s next-door-neighbor, hip-talking musician Fletcher Kincaid; and Jeanne Arnold is Burkhardt’s secretary. Tonight, Burkhardt finds out Cara’s married. But to whom? Mrs. Burkhardt: Reta Shaw. Agnes: Audrey Christie.

Veteran comedian Rags McGuire tells his audience that drinking can be fatal, and then unintentionally proves it by swallowing a highball spiked with cyanide.

10:00 DANNY KAYE–Variety (CBS)
[RETURN] Dancer Gwen Verdon and the Rhythm Masters instrumental group help Danny kick off his second season. In a sketch, a girl-shy guy (Danny) and a guy-shy girl (Gwen) meet on a blind date. (60 min.)

Howard K. Smith will review the issue of “the backlash,” the term applied to the negative response (among Northern white Democrats) to that party’s strong stand on civil rights.


TV Guide, September 19, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 38, Issue #599) [Western New England Edition]

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  1. I DEFY ANYONE WHO CAN DIFFER IN OPINION THAT THIS WEEK WAS TRULY THE MOST INFLUENTIAL YEAR BUSINESSWISE.. EVER— behind the scenes and ON SCREEN—previously—( a guy named Danny Arnold produced pilots for bewitched THEN FOLLOWED WITH That Girl and SEVERAL PILOTS**—–..(countless others that stuck thru encouragements from this SEPT 1964=!!== that very year!!!….. SIDNEY SHELTON KNEW WHAT WOULD WORK by using a TEMPLATE…. just as Harry Ackermann was -WAITING IN THE WINGS….. as Gilligan’s island & COUNTLESS OTHERS.(-. go back and look at the trade journals that summer even….) press releases belie how concepts grew from scratch– things were dicey indeed ….but TALENT WILLOUT… HITS are truly timeless hits!

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