55th Anniversary of 90 Bristol Court

NBC’s experimental programming block 90 Bristol Court, the umbrella title for three separate sitcoms, premiered 55 years ago today in 1964. It aired from 7:30-9PM ET on Monday nights. The three sitcoms–Karen, Harris Against the World, and Tom, Dick and Mary–were set at the same apartment complex in California. Guy Raymond played a handyman in all three shows but otherwise they were unconnected.

Karen starred Debbie Watson as a teenager with an active social life. Richard Denning and Mary LaRoche co-starred as her parents, with Gina Gillespie as her younger sister.

Harris Against the World starred Jack Klugman as a man who complained constantly about everything: his job at a movie studio, his wife who likes to spend money the family doesn’t have, and his two kids.

Tom, Dick and Mary starred Don Galloway and Steve Franken as medical interns Tom and Dick, with Joyce Blufant as Tom’s wife Mary. The three live together to save money.

90 Bristol Court ran for 13 episodes, ending in January 1965. Both Harris Against the World and Tom,Dick and Mary went off the air after 13 episodes. Karen survived the entire 1964-1965 season, producing 27 episodes.

Learn more about 90 Bristol Court by reading my in-depth article about the programming block. Also, be sure to check out my Retro Review of a February 1965 episode of Karen.

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