2 Replies to “NBC 1972 “NBC Week” Monday Promo”

  1. I see that by this time NBC Week was beginning on Monday [Sept. 11] instead of Sunday, as it had done in the past.

    Brian Keith was also starring in a new sitcom for NBC, THE LITTLE PEOPLE, that fall. It was renewed for a 2nd season as THE BRIAN KEITH SHOW.

  2. HEY== BRIAN KEITH NEEDED THE WORK……… HE’D OUTGROWN HIS INNOCUOUS WALT DISNEY MUMBLING ROLES…. HIS SINGING IN THE BISCUIT EATER WOULD SEND AWAY EVEN DAVID JANSSEN AS A FUGITIVE!!!…**. NEVER NEVER SEE THE dondi MOvIE;;,,,,,, THAT WAS PULLED FROM TV- due to its poisoning effect for the careers of the former and the latter; *Virginia martin who starred as belle poitrine on broadway in Lttle me!!!!!……..

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