TV Guide 365: Saturday, November 28th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Saturday, November 28th, 1964

Comic Adam Keefe is Jackie’s guest. Sketches: a championship bowler goes for the $10,000 prize; the controversial novel “Fram” gets a rough going over from the censor; and big business comes to a youngster’s lemonade stand. In his monolog, postponed from last week, the Great One reminisces about monster movies. Frank Fontaine reveals the plot of “East Side Story” to Joe the Bartender and sings “When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New.” June Taylor dancers, Sammy Spear orchestra. (60 min.)

[COLOR] Sandy and Bud don’t realize that water-ski champ Linda Granville is now paralyzed–until she throws away the gift they’ve brought her: a photo of herself on skis.

“The Inheritors,” conclusion of a two-part story by Sam Neuman and Seeleg Lester. Lieutenant Minns is unstoppable: Surrounded by a force-field shield that repels bullets, he continues to carry out the project assigned him by the alien intelligence. (60 min.)

8:00 MR. MAGOO–Cartoons (NBC)
[COLOR] Mr. Magoo’s version of “Robin Hood,” Part 3 of a four-part story. The Sheriff of Nottingham is forcing Maid Marian to marry Sir Guy of Gisborne.

Fate is kind: Gilligan and Mr. Howell stumble onto a gold mine, and Ginger and Mary Ann find a life raft.

Ike’s in bed recuperating from a bad fall when he overhears a conversation that convinces him his time is up. Kentucky: Dennis Weaver. Ike: Rickey Der. Seldom: Harry Morgan. Annie: Cherylene Lee. Wong: Keye Luke. Dr. Sing: Allen Jung.
Guest Cast
The Rev. Mr. Willis …………… Byron Morrow
Dr. Tucker …………… Peter Brocco
Hop Lee …………… Harold Fong

Highlights include “Remembering” (Norma Zimmer, Jim Roberts); “Marshmallow World” (Lennon Sisters); “The Village of Saint Bernadette” (Joe Feeney); and “All Through the Day” (Norma Zimmer). (Live; 60 min.)

9:00 MR. BROADWAY–Drama (CBS)
“Smelling Like a Rose.” Teen-ager Tommy Cushing is being held on a charge of murder and the boy’s father–a VIP–wants Mike to squelch the story in the papers. Cameo appearances: Hal March (Jackie Burnett), Phyllis Newman (Amy Fitton), Tina Luise (The Girl) and Countess Christina Paolozzi (fashion model). Mike: Craig Stevens. Hank: Horace McMahon. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
Norman Cushing …………… Art Carney
Tommy …………… Peter de Vise
Pearl …………… Rosemary Forsythe
Detective …………… Val Avery

[COLOR] Saturday Night at the Movies: “Designing Woman.” (1957) The boxing world collides with the world of high fashion when sportswriter Mike Hagen marries a fashionable designer. Directed by Vincente Minnelli. Musical numbers and dances staged by Jack Cole, who also appears as Randy Owen. (Two hours, 25 min.)

Host Tony Martin introduces actress-dancer Cyd Charisse (Mrs. Martin); comedian Jack E. Leonard; veteran song-and-dance man Ted Lewis; Johnny Puleo and his Harmonica Gang; a vocal-instrumental trio composed of Dean Martin Jr., Desi Arnaz Jr. and Bobby Hinche; ventriloquist Fred Roby; and the Half Brothers, jugglers. Mitchell Ayres conducts the orchestra. (60 min.)

10:00 GUNSMOKE–Western (CBS)
Pike Beechum is involved with Joe Merchant’s wife and, to get Merchant out of the way, Pike frames him on a horse-theft charge. (60 min.)


TV Guide, November 28, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 48, Issue #609) [Western New England Edition] *Read my review of this issue*

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