Status of The Americans (1961)

This hour-long drama ran for just 17 episodes on NBC from January to May 1961. The series starred Darryl Hickman and Dick Davalos as brothers on opposite sides of the Civil War. Of the 17 episodes, the UCLA Film & Television Archive has four and The Paley Center for Media has one.

Unfortunately, the episode at the Paley Center (“The Regular”) happens to also be one of the episodes held at UCLA.

Additionally, UCLA has at least two copies of the first episode (“Harper’s Ferry: 1861”) including one that may have the original commercials.

As always, just because specific archives/museums don’t have every episode of The Americans doesn’t mean the episodes are lost.

# Episode Title Airdate Status
1 “Harper’s Ferry: 1861” 01/23/1961 UCLA
2 “Rebellion at Blazing Rock” 01/30/1961
3 “The Regular” 02/06/1961 UCLA/Paley
4 “The Rebellious Rose” 02/13/1961
5 “On to Richmond” 02/20/1961 UCLA
6 “Half Moon Road” 02/27/1961
7 “Reconnaissance” 03/06/1961
8 “The Escape” 03/13/1961
9 “The Guerillas” 03/20/1961
10 “The Invaders” 03/27/1961
11 “The Gun” 04/03/1961
12 “The Sentry” 04/10/1961
13 “The Bounty Jumpers” 04/17/1961
14 “Long Way Back” 04/24/1961
15 “The War Between the States” 05/01/1961
16 “The Coward” 05/08/1961
17 “The Inquisitors” 05/15/1961 UCLA

At least two additional episodes (“The Guerillas” and “The Gun”) circulate among private collectors.

Revised April 1st, 2016

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4 Replies to “Status of The Americans (1961)”

  1. the episode the gun is in the public domain the episode the guerillias also is in the public domain uncut with original commericals and the complete opening sequence

  2. I remember watching a tv series when I was very young (around 6 or 7 years old) about some Civil War snipers (I think confederate), who took a long time setting up a sniper rifle to kill a general from the other side from far away on a mountain top. Apart from the gory aspect, it inspired me to think about ballistics, and may have influenced my decision to become an engineer later in life. Would like to know the episode name…

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