Status Guide – Kraft Television Theatre, Season Two

I’ve written a brief overview of NBC’s long-running Kraft Television Theatre — which ran from 1947 to 1958 — and the status of its hundreds of episodes, which you can read here. Because the show ran year-round, I initially considered each season to run from May to May (in other words, the first season would have run from May of 1947 to May of 1948). However, I eventually decided to align my status guides with various episode guides available online:, the Internet Movie Database and the Classic TV Database.

Completed Status Guides

Season Air Dates Published
Season One May 7th, 1947 – September 15th, 1948 May 16th, 2009
Season Two September 22nd, 1948 – September 14th, 1949 September 26th, 2009
Season Three September 21st, 1949 – September 20th, 1950 January 9th, 2010
Season Four September 27th, 1950 – September 5th, 1951 February 7th, 2010
Season Five September 12th, 1951 – September 24th, 1952 March 30th, 2010

The second season of Kraft Television Theatre premiered on September 22nd, 1948 with the 72nd episode of the series and ended on September 14th, 1949 with the 123rd episode. Only six complete episodes exist at the four big television archives, five at the Library of Congress and one at UCLA’s Film & Television Archive. Excerpts from another episode, broadcast as part of the sixth anniversary show, are held by both institutions.

Season Two: 1948-1949
Ep. # Episode Title Airdate Status
72. “Her Husband’s Wife” 09/22/1948
73. “Great Day” 09/29/1948
74. “Twin Diamonds” 10/06/1948
75. “The Truth Game” 10/13/1948
76. “Criminal At Large” 10/20/1948
77. “Biography” 10/27/1948
78. “Old Lady Robbins” 11/03/1948
79. “The Detour” 11/10/1948
80. “The Ivory Door” 11/17/1948
81. “Wuthering Heights” (Excerpts) 11/24/1948 UCLA/LoC
82. “The Dover Road” 12/01/1948
83. “The Flashing Stream” 12/08/1948
84. “The Old Soak” 12/15/1948
85. “Hansel and Gretel” 12/22/1948
86. “Meet the Prince” 12/29/1948
87. “To Catch the Wind” 01/05/1949
88. “Miranda” 01/12/1949
89. “Duet for Two Hands” 01/19/1949
90. “There’s Always Juliet” 01/26/1949
91. “Her Master’s Voice” 02/02/1949
92. “Gramercy Ghost” 02/09/1949
93. “Room Service” 02/16/1949
94. “The Flying Gerardos” 02/23/1949
95. “A Bill of Divorcement” 03/02/1949
96. “Arrival of Kitty” 03/09/1949
97. “Consider Lily” 03/16/1949
98. “Village Green” 03/23/1949
99. “Wicked is the Vine” 03/30/1949 UCLA
100. “As Husbands Go” 04/06/1949
101. “The Miracle of Chickerston” 04/13/1949 LoC
102. “The Whole Town’s Talking” 04/20/1949 LoC
103. “Green Stockings” 04/27/1949
104. “Adam and Eva” 05/04/1949
105. “Oath of Hippocrates” 05/11/1949 LoC
106. “Big Hearted Herbert” 05/18/1949
107. “Autumn Fire” 05/25/1949
108. “The Elephant Shepherd” 06/01/1949
109. “Payment Deferred” 06/08/1949
110. “Little Brown Jug” 06/15/1949
111. “Pink Strings and Sealing Wax” 06/22/1949 LoC
112. “Baby Mine” 06/29/1949
113. “Within the Law” 07/06/1948
114. “A Young Man’s Fancy” 07/13/1949
115. “The Curtain Rises” 07/20/1949
116. “Time for Elizabeth” 07/27/1949 LoC
117. “Heaven and Charing Cross” 08/03/1949
118. “The Misleading Lady” 08/10/1949
119. “Mr. Pim Passes By” 08/17/1949
120. “Where the Deer and the Antelope Play” 08/24/1949
121. “Bedelia” 08/31/1949
122. “Respectfully Yours” 09/07/1949
123. “Little Darling” 09/14/1949


  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    At one time, NBC had an entire shelf of “KRAFT TELEVISION THEATER” kinescopes in their warehouse at Fort Lee, New Jersey…and then they systematically “cleared their shelves” of those and other historically significant TV series by tossing them out- often destroying the film itself. And they did this every few years…we’re lucky four of them from the 1948-’49 season DID survive! Too bad Kraft couldn’t have socked most of them away in their own warehouse, as Westinghouse did with most of their “STUDIO ONE” kinnies….

  • Mark Topaz says:

    Are you sure they don’t exist? NBC donated over 100,000 kinies to the Library of Congress in the early 80s and they have a ton of Kraft Television Theatres. I’m not sure how many but its a significant amount numbering in the hundreds.

  • RGJ says:

    The last time I searched the Library of Congress database online — and this was at least a year ago — I found around 50 episodes of Kraft Television Theatre. There could certainly be plenty more that I either missed or are not searchable via the online database.

  • John Larson says:

    If you go to and sign up to view the archives, you can watch (under Drama) a number of episodes of this program.

  • RGJ says:

    I was mistaken about how many episodes the Library of Congress has. Not 50 but 196 or so.

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