November 1969 Gold Key Comics Club News

The following page is scanned from the November 1969 edition of Gold Key’s Walt Disney Mickey Mouse. This issue featured Goofy as well, so the cover reads Walt Disney Mickey Mouse and Goofy (other issues were titled Walt Disney Mickey Mouse and Pluto). In 1969, the title was published four times a year, so the next issue didn’t come out until February of 1970. Gold Key Comics Club News was a feature in which the publisher promoted its various titles. Note that the comics guide is for the month of September. Although the issue has a cover date of November it was actually on newsstands months earlier, conceivably in August.

Gold Key Comics Club News
Gold Key Comics Club News
Copyright © Western Publishing Company, Inc., 1969 [1]

Notice how many television tie-ins are included: comics based on Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, the animated Fantastic Voyage and Thriller (Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery was originally called Thriller but was retitled after the show was canceled). Gold Key’s comic book adaptation of Fantastic Voyage (a spin-off of the 1967 film, it ran on ABC during the 1968-1969 and 1969-1970 seasons on Saturday morning) only lasted two issues, the second of which is advertised here.

Image Credits:

1 From Walt Disney Mickey Mouse #123, November 1969, Page 31.


  • Ivan G. says:

    What delineates the “New” Terrytoons from the “Old” Terrytoons?

  • Barry I. Grauman says:

    I believe the phrase “New Terrytoons”, in this case, Ivan, meant that a) the stories were, in effect, “new” to Gold Key, and not reprints from earlier Terrytoon comic books- and b) the characters featured in them were from the studio’s post-1959 era [after Gene Deitch left]: Heckle & Jeckle (the one tie-in from the studio’s “Golden Age”, in THEIR post-1959 design), Sidney the elephant, Hashimoto the Japanese mouse, Deputy Dawg, et. al.

    As for the retitling of “Thriller”, that might have had something to do with Gold Key unwilling to pay MCA/Universal the rights to use the “Thriller” title after that series was cancelled in 1962. But Karloff’s monthly comic was still popular {and profitable}, and they decided it was cheaper to deal directly with him, and license his name and image for “Tales of Mystery” [note the copyright notice on the panel reproduced for the “Club News” page is in KARLOFF’S name]. Therefore, his likeness continued to “host” a mystery/horror anthology that was basically an extension of his former TV series…even after his death. Of course, there was no problem with Gold Key licensing “THE TWILIGHT ZONE”, and Rod Serling’s likeness, because that was their most popular comic, published right through the ’70s…

    What intrgues me is that there was a “Choo Choo Charlie” comic book, featuring further adventures of the kid from the famous “Good ‘n’ Plenty” candy commercials of the ’60s {by permission of Quaker City Chocolate & Confectionery Company, the makers of “Good ‘n’ Plenty” at the time}. You remember the jingle:
    “Once upon a time there was an engineer,
    Choo Choo Charlie was his name, we hear,
    he had an engine and he sure had fun,
    he used Good ‘n’ Plenty candy to make his train run!
    Charlie says…
    ‘Love my Good ‘n’ Plenty!”
    Charlie says…
    ‘Really rings the bell!’ {DING!}
    Charlie says…
    ‘Love my Good ‘n’ Plenty, don’t know any other candy that I love so well!'”

    I’m quite sure that “Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier” was a reprint from the mid-’50s….

  • David says:

    I used to love the Gold Key Comics Club News! I have not seen nor thought about it in decades! This really takes me back. I used to look at the list of the titles for the month, and make a wish list in my head. I see that the list here includes “Choo Choo Charlie.” I never knew Choo Choo Charlie had a comic book! Internet searching and eBay, here I come!

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