Let’s Predict the First Cancellation of the 2010-2011 Season

Tonight is the official start of the 2010-2011 season. I believe there are a total of 24 new shows on the five network this season; a handful of both new and returning shows have already premiered but most will roll out over the next few weeks. Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about the start of the 2009-2010 season and asked for readers to predict the first cancellation of the new season. For the record, it was The Beautiful Life: TBL on The CW. Who remembers that show? What about Accidentally
on Purpose
on CBS or the aptly titled The Forgotten on ABC?

Looking back to the 2008-2009 season, who remembers Privileged on The CW or Eleventh Hour on CBS? Let’s go back another year to the 2007-2008 season: do Big Shots (ABC), Journeyman (NBC) or Life Is Wild (The CW) ring a bell? I’m sure nobody has forgotten about Viva Laughlin (CBS), television’s latest, disastrous foray into musical drama. The point I’m trying to make is that every new television season brings with it new obscurities. Many of them will be released on DVD, however, so unlike obscurities from decades past at least these shows will live on. The networks will often also make unaired episodes available online.

So what will be this season’s first cancellation? Frankly, there doesn’t seem to be an obvious choice. Maybe ABC’s My Generation, which seems to have a particularly rough time slot. Or either of FOX’s new sitcoms, Raising Hope and Running Wilde, which based solely on previews don’t look very good. Or any of the new shows on Friday: Body of Proof (ABC), Blue Bloods (CBS) and Outlaw (NBC), which by the very virtue of being aired on Friday are already at a disadvantage.

What do you think? Hit the comments with your predictions.

15 Replies to “Let’s Predict the First Cancellation of the 2010-2011 Season”

  1. ‘Bleep My Dad Says’ on CBS. I think it will lose too much of its lead-in from ‘The Big Bang Theory’, and CBS will yank it quickly, either subbing in another Monday sitcom (‘Rules of Engagement’ would be a better fit) or activating one of the mid-seasoners (‘Mad Love’) to start earlier.

  2. Actually, “Journeyman” had a pretty good fan base. A 10:00 PM time slot didn’t help, though. It’s on Hulu, so that says something.

    As for this season’s first to get whacked, I’m guessing “Lone Star” on Fox.

  3. “My Generation” on ABC. A docu-drama airing opposite The Big Bang Theory on CBS. I give this turkey 3 eps and then it’s gone and I wouldn’t look for the unaired eps to ever see the light of day.

  4. Pb, good call. I watch ABC regularly and hadn’t heard of “My Generation” until you named it here. I had to go Google it to read up.

    If an avid viewer of the network doesn’t even know about the existence of a show, what chance does it have with those who don’t normally tune into the channel?

  5. I’m putting my vote in for “The Event”. I saw the first episode and well… I think NBC has lost it’s touch with SciFi / Drama (remember the last season of “Heroes”?)

  6. I say Fox’s combo of “RAISING HOPE”/”RUNNING WILDE”, which just premiered last night, will be the first to “fall”. Fox’s new sitcoms haven’t done well enough at the start of recent seasons to last very long {with one exception: the studio behind “BROTHERS”, Sony Pictures Television, had a deal to stay on the network last season- not only airing every single episode [13], but repeating them this summer after repeats of “THE WANDA SYKES SHOW” [it too, got the ax] on Saturday nights}.

  7. Unfortunately, I agree that Hawaii Five-O will be come up as season success. Menawhile, I still have the windows open in the house attempting to air out the stink that this one created.

    Also agreed that “My Generation” will likely tank early. I mean, just how much more teen/20-something’s angst do we need clogging up the airwaves?

  8. LONESTAR might be the first cancellation of the season. According to Monday night’s ratngs it was lowest rated show. It lost 68% of the HOUSE lead in.

    BTW TNT is bringing the Ewing clan back in DALLAS: The New Generation. It will feature John Ross Jr and Bobby’s kid still fighting over Ewing Oil.

    With LONESTAR’s lack of sucess is America ready to welcome back the nighttime soap?

  9. What do you mean you never heard of MY Generation? For a regular viewer of ABC you must have hit the bathroom during the commercial breaks because promos for that show have been hot and heavy all summer long, leading right up to the premiere!! It was EVERYWHERE!!
    It’s a well structured show with a great cast. The mockumentary is a great idea- but I do not see it having enough life to last. I personally enjoyed the show, but can see everyone’s point of why it probably won’t last. It’s sad. Trash Reality TV has taken over our lives and we just can’t accept anything beautiful and creative anymore. SAD.

  10. Anyone who bet on Lone Star being the season’s first cancellation was right. Two episodes were broadcast, three are left unaired, all will likely eventually see the light of day on DVD.

  11. UHF 38 called it in his/her post of Sept. 20.
    After looking at the second episode last night, I couldn’t help wondering how anyone could suffer through the endless smirking of the lead character, who couldn’t seem to get out of the bedroom. Typical FOX dreck that got what it deserved.

  12. Pb’s claim on Sept 21 that “My Generation” will only last 3 episodes looks like another winning prediction on this board. Last night’s episode (#2) crashed as the lowest rated for the night on the big 3 falling to 3.7 million viewers….lol I remember the days when ABC’s test pattern got more viewers than that.

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