ABC Fall 1978 Posters: Friday

To promote its Fall 1978 line-up ABC commissioned a series of seven posters–one for each night of the week–depicting characters from its new and returning shows. Check back every day this week for a look at one of these posters. Today we’ll examine the Friday poster.

Friday on ABC in the fall of 1978 featured an hour-long variety show and a two-hour movie block:

  8:00PM Donny & Marie
  9:00PM The ABC Friday Night Movie

Both shows premiered on September 22nd. Donny & Marie opened its fourth and final season at 8PM followed by the season premiere of The ABC Friday Night Movie (The Bad News Bears) at 9PM.

Here’s the ABC poster for its Friday lineup:

Color poster for ABC's Thursday lineup

ABC Fall 1978 Posters: Thursday

This was probably a tough poster to put together because there was really only Donny and Marie and guest stars from their variety show (Glen Campbell, Paul Lynde) to chose from.

Let’s take a closer look:

Close-up image of Donny and Marie

Am I the only one who thinks Marie looks a little bit like Diana (played by Jane Balder) from NBC’s V franchise?

Here’s another close-up:

Close-up image of The ABC Friday Night Movie logo

A very nice logo and all of those dots look pretty perfect.

Check back tomorrow for a look at the Friday poster.

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