The Immortal Coming to DVD November 8th

Nearly two years after Visual Entertainment Inc. (VEI) announced plans to release The Immortal (ABC, 1970-1971) on DVD, a release date has finally been revealed. All 15 episodes plus the pilot telefilm for the series will be available on November 8th.

VEI released this teaser video (consisting of the opening credits) earlier this month:

The Immortal stars Christopher George as Ben Richards, a man who discovers he’s immune to all disease and the effects of aging. He can still suffer physical injuries, however. The source of his near immortality is his blood. A billionaire named Arthur Maitland (played by David Brian) is eager for regular access to Ben’s blood because it can keep him young and healthy. Maitland hires a man named Fletcher (played by Don Knight) to chase after Ben.

Much like The Fugitive before it and The Incredible Hulk after it, episodes of The Immortal saw Ben on the run, trying to outwit Fletcher. Ben also hopes to locate his long lost brother, Jason, who may have the same “immortal” blood coursing through his veins. ABC cancelled the series before Ben could find Jason.

CBS aired repeats during the summer of 1971. The series later aired on Sci Fi Channel in the mid-1990s.


Are you a fan of The Immortal? Are you eagerly awaiting the release of the series on DVD? Hit the comments with your thoughts.

6 Replies to “The Immortal Coming to DVD November 8th”

  1. You Tube subscribers got a taste of this show several months ago when someone posted an episode as a mystery show. Within an hour, several fans identified it because even with opening credits deleted, the show was so clearly unique, all fans of a certain age remember when it was on ABC.

  2. take notice of its PILOT when available… you’ll see many obvious derivatives from genres// overlapped and disguised –{-only distict traits are the special effects/ sound effects– themes— and of course sparkling guest stars….)—bring it on..

    1. Well, I can tell you the episode that was on You Tube wasn’t the pilot. Also, while it is true that the basic concept is stolen from “The Fugitive”, no other show of that era dealt with such complex issues as blood typing. Still, how would they know it would stop aging when the events happened in such a short time span? Ironic fact: Christopher George didn’t even make it to his 50’s.

      1. Slight correction: George died in 1983 at the age of 52. He was married to Lynda Day, best remembered for “Mission:Impossible”.

  3. One more thing: Isn’t it weird that VEI announced having the rights in 2015, but it took 2 full years to get the DVD in stores. VEI only owns a limited number of shows, so they can’t argue they had too much product. Only 2 possible explainations: Either [a] they had a problem with music clearances or [b] it took them that long to create digitally acceptable prints.

  4. Can’t WAIT FOR THIS! My favorite from the era, great show & idea…..never had a chance back then, they need to release all those ABC Movie’s of the Week as well.!!!

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