Nielsen Bottom 10, November 5th-11th, 1973

Week 9 of the 1973-1974 season started on Monday, November 5th, 1973 and ended on Sunday, November 11th, 1973. The highest-rated program was the movie Airport (an installment of The ABC Sunday Night Movie) on ABC with a 42.0/46 Nielsen rating/share. Here are the 10 lowest-rated programs:

## Program Network Rating
55 Mannix CBS 12.5/18
56 The Magician NBC 11.3/17
57 Partridge Family ABC 10.8/17
58 McMillan & Wife NBC   9.7/14
59 Griff ABC   9.8/18
60 NBC Follies NBC   9.7/16
61 Bob & Carol &; Ted & Alice ABC   9.7/15
62 New Perry Mason CBS   9.6/14
63 Calucci’s Dept. CBS   8.4/13
64 NBC News Special Report NBC   7.1/13

I’m not entirely sure when the NBC News Special Report at the bottom of this week’s ratings chart aired. President Nixon delivered a televised speech to the nation concerning the ongoing energy crisis on Wednesday, November 7th, 1973 from approximately 7:30-8PM ET. It’s possible NBC broadcast a special report following the conclusion of the speech.


“ABC’s ‘Airport’ Tops National Nielsen List.” Los Angeles Times. 22 Nov. 1973: F38.

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7 Replies to “Nielsen Bottom 10, November 5th-11th, 1973”

  1. ABC’s showing of the feature film Airport tops the ratings. I remember not being allowed to watch it for reasons I never understood. Years latter when I saw it I knew why. Jacqualine Bisset is pregnant by Dean Martin and they aren’t married. How times change and the things we remember. Will never forget Maureen Stapleton in the movie, looking for her husband when the passengers get off of the plane.

      1. Really wow. That is funny. I just remember everyone at school talking about it the next day and I couldnt watch it. I wasn’t allowed to watch Rosmary’s Baby or Bonnie and Clyde either. I did get to watch the Posiedon Adventure a year latter

  2. RE:Tony. Yep, it’s a fact that Airport was rated G, and even in those days an unwanted pregnancy wasn’t a shocker. If anything in this movie would be unsuitable for kids, it would be Van Heflin’s crazed bomber.

    1. Except an unwanted pregnancy was a big deal to my parents. They determined what I watched then as I was only 10 also it was a different era. I wasn’t allowed to watch the two part abortion episode of Maude either which was on around the same time I think. I guess violence was OK but anything with sex or pregnancy was taboo to them. Can’t believe I still remember that. But I survived just fine not watching Airport. To me the best thing about those movies is that they inspired Airplane!

      1. Tony, I was also about 10 at the time and my parents would not let me watch Maude at all! Five years later it took a fair amount of nagging to let me watch Three’s Company. I was allowed to start watching at the beginning of the second season. (the first full season) I guess they realized aside from the living arrangement, it was a fairly harmless show.

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