2019 TV Guide Fall Preview Issue on Sale Today

The 2019 Fall Preview issue of TV Guide Magazine goes on sale today. Roughly 1.2 people still subscribe to TV Guide and may already have this year’s Fall Preview issue in hand. I’m not sure when subscribers typically get their copies.

I’ve been collecting Fall Preview issues for nearly two decades, taking over for a family member who started buying them in the late 1960s. Since 2013, I’ve posted a review of every Fall Preview issue here at Television Obscurities:

I’ll try to post my thoughts on this year’s Fall Preview issue tomorrow.

4 Replies to “2019 TV Guide Fall Preview Issue on Sale Today”

  1. Well Robert, I got my issue in the mail Tuesday, and it was an extreme disappointment! In order to highlight broadcast cable and streaming, they put everything in a seemingly random order! Not only did they delete highlights for the next 2 weeks, but for the first time in 66 years, there is no network prime time grid! A shabby, shoddy piece of work!

    1. I hope so, but I wouldn’t count on it! Honestly, it’s only one page! I know this is minor, but this is just something we look forward to!

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