45th Anniversary of The Texas Wheelers

Short-lived ABC sitcom The Texas Wheelers debuted 45 years ago today in 1974. Just four weeks later, ABC yanked the show off the air due to low ratings.

Jack Elam starred as Zack Wheeler, a lazy drunk who abandoned his four kids when their mother died. Months later, he came back. His oldest children didn’t want him around. The cast also included Gary Busey, Mark Hamill, Karen Oberdiear, and Tony Becker as the Wheeler children.

Jack Elam as Zach Wheeler
Copyright 1974 MTM Enterprises

ABC burned off four additional episodes during the summer of 1975 but five more never aired.

Learn more about this forgotten show by reading my spotlight on The Texas Wheeler, first published in September 2014. And be sure to read my Retro Review of “The Music Box,” one of the episodes ABC burned off in 1975.

Do you remember watching The Texas Wheelers in 1974 or 1975? If so, share your recollections in the comments.

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