TV Guide 365: Sunday, September 27th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Sunday, September 27th, 1964

6:30 MISTER ED–Comedy (CBS)
In his first show of the new season, Carol warns Wilbur that shes going home to mother, so Ed offers to take on her duties around the house.

7:00 LASSIE–Drama (CBS)
Lassie tries to aid an eagle and her eaglets after the bird collides with Ranger Stuart’s airplane.

Assistant DA Dan Trumbell leaves New York City for the quieter life of police chief in Hawk’s Landing, his home town. But it doesn’t remain quiet after he refuses t o believe that a respected citizen’s “accidental” killing of his guide on a hunting trip was really an accident.
Dan Trumbell ………………. James Douglas
Hutchison Crane ……….. Cameron Prud’homme
Fred Stone ……………….. Leonard Stone
Major Paulson ………………. Judson Laire
Julie Morris …………….. Claire Griswald
[This is an unsold drama pilot called “Hawk’s Landing” filmed in 1961.]

Uncle Martin begins his second TV season on earth tonight. Tim discovers that a Martian’s dreams can be incredibly lifelike: he returns home to find three dancing girl swirling around the sleeping Martin.

[COLOR] “Nikki, Wild Dog of the North,” first of two parts. An orphaned bear cub and a lost malemute [sic] puppy struggle for survival in the Canadian Rockies. Jacques Fauteux and Dwight Hauser narrate the story, filmed in Canada. (60 min.)

“The Hide Hunters.” Copper and Barnaby set out to stalk buffalos [sic] with a group of hide hunters, one of whom delights in taunting young Barnaby.

Robert Goulet, Alan King, Leslie Uggams, Topo Gigio and dancers of the Leningrad Kirov Ballet help Ed open the new season. See the Close-up. (60 min.)

Jose is all excited because his idol Danny Thomas is going to stay at his hotel. Besides appearing in this episode, Danny Thomas also directed it. Jose: Bill Dana. Phillips: Jonathan Harris.
Guest Cast
Arthur …………… Howard Wendell
Sam ………. Frank Wilcox
Larry Smith ……………. Bill Idelson

Machinist Mate Marion Botnik wants to be discharged from the WAVES, and for good reason: Marion’s a male. Marion: Jimmy Boyd. Lt. Anne Morgan: Kathleen Nolan. Adrian: Edward Andrews. Trotter: Dick Sargent. Roberta Love: Joan Staley. Selma Kowalski: Sheila James. Molly McGuire: Lois Roberts.
Guest Cast
Ensign Beasley …………… George Furth
Captain McCloud ………. John Zaremba

[DEBUT] Julie Newmar makes like a girl robot in this half-hour comedy series produced by “Favorite Martian” man Jack Chertok. Bob Cummings (as psychiatrist Bob McDonald) is the caretaker of the transistorized lady. Other regulars: Jack Mullaney as physicist Peter Robinson, Doris Dowling as Bob’s sister Irene. Tonight: Dr. Carl Miller tells Bob that project AF 709 is missing from the space agency lab. AF 709 happens to be a girl robot, and “she” is walking about wearing only a sheet.

[COLOR] “The Hostage.” Ben is kidnapped by outlaws, who ask a $100,000 ransom.

Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in Billy Wilder’s “Some Like It Hot.” For details, see the Close-up. (Two hours, 25 min.)

9:30 JOEY BISHOP–Comedy (CBS)
[RETURN] Switching to CBS and seen in a new time spot, Joey’s fourth season begins with his receiving word that the network has canceled his TV show. Jerry Lewis makes a cameo.

On this first show of the new season, a carpenter is sold while standing in for a Roman statue in an art gallery; during a baseball telecast a ball shatters the screen; pin s move to avoid the ball at a rigged bowling alley; and a policeman does a “traffic cop ballet.” Allen Funt and Durward Kirby are the hosts.

“The Stefanini Dowry.” The Rogues feel obliged to relieve San Lucan dictator General Cione of the crown jewels he intends to sell in New York. It’s not just that he’s a dreadful man, but family pride is involved. Tony: Gig Young. Timmy: Robert Coote. Margaret: Gladys Cooper. Marcel: Charles Boyer. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
General Cione …………… Fritz Weaver
Girl in Seat 31 ………. Susan Strasberg
Colonel Sferzino …………… David Sheiner
Dr. Nova …………… Michael Constantine



TV Guide, September 26, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 39, Issue #600) [Western New England Edition]

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  1. I remember seeing Joey Bishop’s final season premiere, which was now in B&W, since CBS refused to film it in color, as NBC had the previous 2 seasons. I saw it on TV Land, back when it had good classic shows. The show ends with a funny joke. Joey wasn’t cancelled after all, but he was going to have to compete (as in real life) against BONANZA. Joey grimaced in horror at this news, and the show ended with a bit of the BONANZA theme music to emphasize the point.

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