TV Guide 365: Sunday, November 1st, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Sunday, November 1st, 1964

It is likely that both major parties will purchase additional time for paid political telecasts tonight, thus pre-empting programs normally seen in the evening hours.]

[SPECIAL] Walter Cronkite and the CBS news team (Harry Reasoner, Roger Mudd, Robert Trout, Eric Sevareid and Mike Wallace[)] review the key issues of the campaign and take a last pre-election look at the candidates. (Live; 60 min.)

[SPECIAL] Chet Huntley and David Brinkley are the anchor men for this pre-election evaluation of the campaign. Robert Goralski and Robert MacNeil report on the last-minute campaign activities of President Johnson and Senator Goldwater, and John Chancellor explains the functions of the computers NBC will use on election night. (Live; 60 min.)

Tim’s doing a series of articles on extrasensory perception, but Uncle Martin is no help at all: He warns Tim not to bring Prof. Hammershlag, an ESP expert, into their home.

[COLOR] “The Tenderfoot,” last of three shows. Pianist-turned-trooper Paul Durand exasperates Captain Ewell, who orders him to ride the fastest horse out of the fort. Durand takes the captain’s treasured race horse Hot Shot. (60 min.)

Coop finds himself becoming involved with a half-breed Indian girl he found wandering in the wilderness. (60 min.)

Featured are film clips of the movie version of “My Fair Lady,” with Rex Harrison as Prof. Higgins, the role he created in the Broadway production. Ed’s guests are English comic Richard “Mr. Pastry” Hearne, folk singer Leon Bibb, comics Alan King and Pat Buttram, musical-comedy star Dolores Gray and pop singer Marilyn Michaels. (Live; 55 min.)

Jose wants to rent the hotel’s posh Crystal Room for his cousin’s wedding reception–and he’s willing to pay Mr. Phillips as much as $80. Jose: Bill Dana. Phillips: Jonathan Harris.
Guest Cast
Maria …………… Angela Dorian
Smith ………. Andrew Duncan
Postponed from last week.

Adrian confiscates a parcel of cosmetics intended for the WAVES, and then orders that no cosmetics may be used for the duration. Anne: Kathleen Nolan. Adrian: Edward Andrews. Trotter: Dick Sargent. Selma: Sheila James. Roberta: Joan Staley. Botnik: Jimmy Boyd. D’Angelo: Don Edmonds. Molly: Lois Roberts.
Guest Cast
Admiral Bradford …………… Berkeley Harris Willis Bouche
Professor ………. John Fiedler
Radarman ………. Louis Quinn
Davison ………. Jeff Cooper

8:55 POLITICAL TALK–Democratic (CBS)

Bob is chairman of a psychiatric clinic’s fund-raising drive, and he and Rhoda call on the donor with the greatest potential: millionaire playboy Walter J. Armbruster. BBob [sic]: Bob Cummings. Rhoda: Julie Newmar. Irene: Doris Dowling.
Guest Cast
Walter J. Armbruster ………. Gene Raymond
George Wilson ………. James Millhollin
Mr. Reed ………. Olan Soule
Stella ………. Francesca Bellini

[COLOR] “A Dime’s Worth of Glory” doesn’t appeal to Ben, who says no to dime novelist Tobias Finch’s request to write “The Saga of the Courageous Cartwrights.” Sheriff Reed Laramore, however, would love Finch to write about him. (60 min.)

Sunday Night Movie: “The Road to Hong Kong” (English; 1961) brought back the famous “Road” trio of Hope, Crosby and Lamour after a decade-long hiatus. The plot involves a madcap chase from India to a Tibetan lamasery to Hong Kong, then halfway to the moon and back. (90 min.)

9:30 JOEY BISHOP–Comedy (CBS)
Because he wants his show to get good ratings, Joey goes all out to please Hilda–he thinks she has a rating device attached to her TV set.

Singer Richard Hayes, portraying a modern Robin Hood, steals a watch and tries to give it to a stranger; women are questioned about their age and weight; a rumor is started on a New York beach that a lady is wearing a topless swim suit; a first-grader gives worldly advice to a kindergarten student; window washers are baffled by a moving spot of dirt; and signs instruct people to be careful of a glass door that isn’t there. Durward Kirby and Allen Funt are the hosts.

“The Project Man” is Tony, who arrives in a small Texas town after posing as a naive–but bribable–Government engineer looking for a possible rocket-launch site. The politicians who own the real estate welcome him with open arms–and pockets full of pay-off money. Tony: Gig Young. Timmy: Robert Coote. (60 min.)
Guest Cast
Mayor Ed Bramlette ………. Robert Middleton
Randy Bramlette ………. Marlyn Mason
Harry Briggs ………. Parley Baer
Joe Motherwell ………. Herb Vigran
Cooper ………. Ray Fulmer
Sheriff Jim Pyle ………. Ray Teal

10:25 POLITICAL TALK–Republican (CBS)

Comedian Victor Borge joins panelists Arlene Francis, Dorothy Kilgallen and Bennett Cerf. John Daly is the moderator.

10:30 POLITICS ’64 (ABC)
Howard K. Smith, Edward P. Morgan and William H. Lawrence give a last-minute evaluation of the Presidential race and review the final week of campaign activity. Correspondents Ron Cochran, Bob Young, Roger Grimsby and Frank Reynolds report on regional voting trends.


TV Guide, October 31, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 44, Issue #605) [Western New England Edition]

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2 Replies to “TV Guide 365: Sunday, November 1st, 1964”

  1. Assuming that my Chicago edition is accurate, the Admiral on Broadside was Willis Bouchey, taking time off from the judge rotation on Perry Mason.
    You may recall that Berkeley Harris was in the previous week’s Broadside, playing what was clearly a younger character (as he was).

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