TV Guide 365: Thursday, October 8th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Thursday, October 8th, 1964

7:30 MUNSTERS–Comedy (CBS)
Insomniac Herman Munster goes for a relaxing stroll in the park–the same park police are searching for a purse snatcher.

“My Brother’s Keeper.” Yadkin insists that the Creeks who wounded him and killed an unarmed Cherokee were led by none other than Mingo. (60 min.)

[COLOR] Fred’s in trouble again. He’s trying to arrange “Pebbles’ Birthday Party”–and a lodge party–on the same night.

8:00 PERRY MASON–Drama (CBS)
“The Case of the Scandalous Sculptor.” Scandal threatens the ultra-respectable publishing firm run by Everett Stanton and his brother-in-law claims the only way to avoid it is for Stanton to give him $10,000. (60 min.)

There’s some confusion as to “Who’s Who on 202” when Donna’s car breaks down on a road where police think an armed convict is hiding.

8:30 DR. KILDARE–Drama (NBC)
“The Hand That Hurts, the Hand That Heals.” Eight physicians and a psychiatrist have failed to diagnose Joan Cartwright’s illness, so she’s not very enthusiastic about letting Kildare have a try. Written by Edward J. Lakso. (60 min.)

In the first of a two-part story, Bub uses his winnings from the Irish Sweepstakes to fly the whole family back to the auld sod. Filmed on location in Ireland.

9:00 PASSWORD–Game (CBS)
The word wizards on this show, filmed in Hollywood, are actor Peter Lawford, actress Angie Dickinson, producer-director Otto Preminger and comedienne Pat Carroll. Allen Ludden is the moderator.

Hosting a dinner party for agency client Rex Barker, Darrin watches in horror as a harassed Samantha changes the overly affectionate Barker into a puppy.

9:30 HAZEL (NBC)
[COLOR] George’s law partner Harry Noll fears he is caught in “The Marriage Trap” after he impulsively proposed to George’s secretary during a party.

Home from boarding school, Barbara Wyntoon is not the skinny kid with pigtails that Jim Bailey remembers. Sam: Paul Ford. Mr. Wyntoon: John Dehner. Barbara: Judy Carne. Buck: Sterling Holloway. Jim: Les Brown Jr.
Guest Cast
Ken ………….. Del Erickson
Bartender ………….. Nacho Galindo

Constance and Rossi go out on their first date, and Rodney tells Allison that he loves her.

10:00 DEFENDERS–Drama (CBS)
“Hero of the People,” by Rod Sylvester and William Woolfolk. Lonely, middle-aged Harry Obermayer has always been on the outside looking in, so when he finds the body of a despised narcotics peddler he decides to confess to the killing, and maybe become famous. (60 min.)

[COLOR] “Operation Greif.” [Sic] An American Army sergeant, trying to get plasma back to his front-line outfit during the Battle of the Bulge, gives a life to four GIs. And any one of them might be a Nazi infiltrator. Script by Jerome D. Ross. (60 min.)

Singing satirists Homer and Jethro join singers Molly Bee and Bobby Vinton on the show. Rowlf and Muppet, Doerr-Hutchinson dancers, Chuck Cassey singers, Peter Matz orchestra. (60 min.)


TV Guide, October 3, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 40, Issue #601) [Western New England Edition]

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