Cozi TV Has Launched

Cozi TV, the new classic television digital specialty network from NBCUniversal, launched yesterday more than a week early. Here is the official website. As I wrote back in October, Cozi TV was supposed to launch January 1st, 2013 but apparently decided to get an early start. According to Sitcoms Online this “soft launch” will consist entirely of Christmas specials through December 25th, followed by a preview of regular programming through December 31st. The official weekly schedule will premiere on January 1st.

The Christmas “soft launch” includes some unusual programming, including holiday episodes of The Ruggles (potentially from 1949), Four Star Playhouse (a 1953 episode) and Meet Corliss Archer (from the 1954-1955 syndicated version from Ziv). According to the Cozi TV website, regular programming will include Magnum, P.I., The Roy Rogers Show, The Lone Ranger, Charlie’s Angels, The Virginian, The Bionic Woman, The Six Million Dollar Man, Highway to Heaven, Marcus Welby, M.D. and Lassie. Listings for early January also show Wells Fargo, Alias Smith and Jones and I Spy on the schedule.

It looks like Cozi TV is also going to feature movies and other programming I would classify as lifestyle plus infomercials. A list of affiliates can be found at Wikipedia; it includes more stations than the nine NBC owned-and-operated stations, so NBC is apparently hoping to compete nationally with the likes of Me-TV, Antenna TV and RTV. I was shocked to learn actually receive Cozi TV (I also get Antenna TV) so if I have time in the next few days I might take a look at some of the programming and post my reactions.

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