50th Anniversary of The Ugliest Girl in Town

Short-lived sitcom The Ugliest Girl in Town celebrates its 50th anniversary today. It debuted on ABC on September 26th, 1968.

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Peter Kastner stars as Timothy Blair, a young man who falls in love with a beautiful British actress named Julie Renfield (played by Patricia Brake). Thanks to a bizarre set of circumstances, Timothy is offered a modeling contract in London–but the modeling agency thinks he’s a woman. So, Timothy romps through London wearing a wig and false eyelashes as “Timmy” with Julie by his side. Unfortunately, through another bizarre set of circumstances, Timothy is forced to stay in London and continue pretending to be Timmy.

Other members of the cast include Gary Marshal as Timothy’s brother Gene; Nicholas Parsons as David Courtney, owner of the Courtney Talent Agency; and Jenny Till as David’s assistant Sandra Wolston.

Although 20 episodes were filmed, the network only aired 17 of them. The remaining three did air in other countries, including the United Kingdom.

Popular Library published a tie-in novel based on The Ugliest Girl in Town in 1968, written by Burt Hirschfeld. I haven’t read it.

Did you watch The Ugliest Girl in Town when it premiered 50 years ago? Hit the comments with your memories of the show.

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  1. This series was pitched as an updated “Charley’s Aunt” in swinging London. I can see how that would have gotten the attention of the networks. I liked Peter Kastner. It is a shame he did not have a bigger career.

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