Dan August Coming to DVD on December 7

VEI will release one season wonder Dan August, starring Burt Reynolds, on DVD on December 7th. The ABC crime drama ran for 26 episodes during the 1971-1972 1970-1971 season. A pilot telefilm aired in January 1970. The upcoming DVD set will include all 26 episodes and the pilot.

Here’s the official description from VEI:

Burt Reynolds earned a Golden Globe® nomination for his role as Lt. Detective Dan August. Investigating homicide-after-homicide in his hometown of Santa Luisa, California, August works with (and against) people with whom he grew up.

The series, which aired on CBS from Fall 1970 through Spring 1971, also starred Golden Globe® winner Norman Fell (Three’s Company) as August’s partner, Sergeant Charles Wilentz; Richard Anderson (Perry Mason) as Police Chief Untermeyer, and Ned Romero (Shane) as Sergeant Joe Rivera.

And here’s the cover art:

Cover art to the Dan August DVD set
Dan August DVD Cover Art
Photo Credit: VEI

The “27 episodes” on the cover is a mistake. There were 26 episodes, plus the pilot telefilm. You can pre-order the set at the VEI website.

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  1. The 26 episodes of Dan August ran in the 1970-1971 season. Reruns ran on the network again in 1973 and 1975 to capitalize on Reynolds popularity.

    1. A final clarification on this show: According to the off-cited book by Brooks and March, Dan August premiered on September 23, 1970 on ABC, not CBS. It was canceled after one season, and after the famous Cosmo centerfold, it ran reruns as summer filler in 1973 and spring filler in 1975. Those runs were on CBS, the latter ending on June 25,1975.

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