TV Guide 365: Sunday, September 20th, 1964

TV Guide 365: 1964-1965 explores the 1964-1965 television season through listings published in TV Guide. Each day I’ll post listings for the corresponding day from the 1964-1965 season, with complete cast and guest cast details for obscure, short-lived shows.

Sunday, September 20th, 1964

6:30 MISTER ED–Comedy (CBS)
Identifying himself as Wilbur, Mister Ed telephones Los Angeles Dodger coach Leo Durocher with helpful advice for several slumping batters. Dodger pitcher Sandy Koufax, catcher Johnny Roseboro and outfielder Willie Davis appear as themselves along with Durocher.

7:00 LASSIE–Drama (CBS)
In the conclusion of a three-part story, Forest Ranger Corey Sturat, an old friend of Lassie’s, sets out to search for the missing collie.

An unconventional and nomadic Midwesterner arrives in the city and, almost before he knows it, manages to cause a traffic jam, lose all his money and get “married” to a girl he met for the first time only a few hours before. Produced and directed by Peter Tewksbury, who wrote the script with James Leighton.
R. B. ………………. Aldo Ray
Myrnalene Ott ……….. Ann B. Davis
Cara ……………….. Betsy Jones Moreland
Verde ………………. Evelyn Russell
Estelle …………….. Pearl Shear
Mrs. Watkins ………… Opal Euard
Mr. Grey ……………. Carl Griscon
Policeman …………… Wynn Pearce
College Boy …………. Thomas Lowell
Mr. Hunter ………….. Homer A. Ratcliff
Mrs. Thompson ……….. Patsy Garrett
Michael …………….. Chris Paul
[This is an unsold sitcom pilot called “R. B & Myrnalene” filmed in 1961.]

Uncle Martin feels that he and his spaceship have been grounded too long, so he decides to take a short flight.

[COLOR] The series enters its 11th season with a show postponed from last November. “The Hound That Thought He Was a Racoon” is Nubbin, a precocious coon-hound pup that gets lost in the woods and is adopted by a family of raccoons. Jeff Emory: Oscar J. Busch. (60 min.)

This series begins its new season by changing time spots, reverting to its former length and dropping one regular from the cast, Duke, played by Scott Miller. Tonight: “The Bob Stuart Story.” Ex-lawman Bob Stuart gets into a fight on his wedding day with an old enemy, Cooper Smith.

This program received the highest rating of any entertainment show on TV last season when it was originally on in February. Beatles Ringo Star, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison were responsible, and 30 policemen were on hand at the Mersey Theater in New York City to handle the crowds. Also on hand: Georgia Brown and the “Oliver!” youngsters; impressionist and actor Frank Gorshin; Mitzie McCall and Charlie Brill, comedy team; Wells and Four Fays, acrobats; and Tessie O’Shea, who sings an English music-hall medley. Ray Bloch orchestra. (60 min.)

In a new time spot for the start of its second season, this series introduces a new regular–Maggie Peterson as Susie, a waitress in the hotel coffee shop. Tonight: Phillips finds that trying to get Jose and Glick to give blood to the Red Cross blood bank is like trying to et “Blood from Two Turnips.” Jose: Bill Dana. Phillips: Jonathan Harris. Glick: Adams.
Guest Cast
Doctor …………… Charles Lane
Mrs. Warren ………. Grace Albertson
Nurse ……………. Yvonne Lime

[DEBUT] In this half-hour comedy series, Kathy Nolan plays Lt. Anne Morgan, leader of a group of WAVES assigned to a Pacific island supply depot during World War II. Edward Andrews is Commander Adrian, whose island has never been occupied by the enemy–or by women. Other regulars: Dick Sargent as Lt. Maxwell Trotter; Joan Staley, Lois Roberts and Sheila James as Waves Love, McGuire and Kowalski; and Jimmy Boyd as Marion Botnik, a Wave by clerical error. Tonight: Commander Adrian knows what WAVES are–and he also knows he doesn’t want them on his island. Joe Flynn and Tim Conway appear briefly in their “McHale’s Navy” roles.

[SPECIAL] New York’s Lincoln Center celebrates its second anniversary. Details are in the Close-up. (60 min.)

[COLOR] “Invention of a Gunfighter” begins this series sixth season. After Al Mooney forces Johnny Chapman to back down in a gunfight, the humiliated Johnny asks his friend Little Joe to teach him how to handle a gun.

[RETURN] [COLOR] Sunday Night Movie: This series, which will present predominately post-1960 movies making their TV premieres, leads off with a 1958 film, “The Vikings.” Calder Willingham wrote the screenplay for this story of the Viking’s invasion of England. Photographed on locations in Norway, Germany and France by Jack Cardiff. (Two hours)

Allan Funt and Durward Kirby try some stunts suggested by viewers: objects on a desk begin to move about; a druggist fills a prescription in a gallon jug; a toaster shoots the bread into the air; and children make faces while trying on hats.

James Gregory is a guest star in “The Day They Gave Diamonds Away.” See Close-up opposite page. (60 min.)



TV Guide, September 19, 1964 (Volume 12, Number 38, Issue #599) [Western New England Edition]

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  1. The NBC 7:30 show title was Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and I believe that episode was preempted by the Oswald shooting. Wagon Train went back to a hour and also back to black and white. I believe this was the only time the Beatles debut on Sullivan was run in its entirety! Fun Fact: the Oliver cast included future Monkee Davy Jones!

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